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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Huntington Beach, CA

Figuring out how you can use medical marijuana to its best ability can feel intimidating at times, but you don’t have to do it alone. California has cannabis-certified doctors all over the state who happily help patients every day. Even in states like California that allow recreational marijuana, you should still get a medical cannabis card. Read on to learn why working with a doctor can help you as a Huntington Beach resident.

How Much Access Do I Have to Cannabis in Huntington Beach?

Everyone in California over 21 can legally own, use or grow marijuana privately. No municipality can prevent people from exercising these rights. But, even though recreational stores began to open in 2018, local governments still have power over cannabis sales. They may ban recreational business or any type of store altogether.

Huntington Beach not only forbids recreational marijuana businesses, but they also prohibit medical collectives. When California legalized medical cannabis in 2015, the city quickly banned collectives. Similarly, they outlawed adult-use stores soon before licenses could be distributed. Delivery services also count as businesses, so you can’t order your medicine to your home within city limits, either.

So, where does that leave patients in need? To be frank, it leaves them in a difficult spot. They have to travel out of town to buy medicine or grow it themselves. Patients without the ability, finances or resources to pursue these options have limited approaches to take. But, by getting a medicinal cannabis card, you can expand your choices a little.

Medical Marijuana Cards — The Key to More Patient Freedom

Working with a doctor to get a recommendation and medical card won’t let you buy cannabis in town, but it will give you more options outside city limits. Even in more liberal areas, you’ll likely find more medical dispensaries than recreational ones. Also, medical collectives can sell medicine that recreational stores can’t.

Meet With a Marijuana Doctor in Huntington Beach, CA

Take advantage of the opportunities the law gives you as a patient and visit a cannabis-friendly doctor today to get a medical marijuana card.

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