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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Hayward, CA

Every good medicinal cannabis treatment plan includes a quality relationship with a doctor who understands. If you know where to look, you can find marijuana-positive doctors all over California. Even in a state that allows adult use of cannabis, you should still work with a doctor and join the state medical marijuana program. Learn how Hayward residents can benefit from becoming a registered patient.

Medical vs. Recreational Cannabis in Hayward

Recreational dispensaries opened in California in 2018 after voters approved adult use in 2016. Under state law, everyone 21 or older can own, grow and use marijuana without local laws saying otherwise. But, municipal governments have some control over cannabis businesses. Cities can still ban stores, even if they’re delivery services or medical dispensaries.

Fortunately, Hayward takes an open approach to cannabis. As long as dispensaries follow certain regulations, they can serve customers and patients in town. The city’s policies give residents plenty of options to choose from. But, even if you’re 21, you should still consider visiting a doctor and getting a recommendation.

Why Should I Get a Medical Marijuana Card Through a Certified Doctor?

You might wonder why you should take the steps needed to get a medical cannabis ID if you can already walk into a recreational store and buy marijuana. The answer is simple — since the medical marijuana program is meant to support patients, you can take advantage of perks that give you better access to medicine.

Primarily, you’ll have a wider range of dispensaries to choose from. Cardholders can buy from both retail stores and medical collectives. Medical dispensaries offer stronger medications and have staff who understand medicinal cannabis treatment.

Meet With a Marijuana Doctor in Hayward Today

Registered patients can also take advantage of waived sales and use tax on medicine purchases, as well as discounts at some dispensaries. Schedule an appointment with a doctor today to find out if you qualify.

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