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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Fullerton, CA

Medical marijuana treatment is a team effort. Your doctor, an important member of that team, can create and renew authorizations for medicinal cannabis and help you find the right medication. But sometimes, the attitudes surrounding marijuana can make it hard to find a physician who understands. Use our directory to find cannabis-friendly doctors, and read on to learn why you should work with a doctor to get a medical marijuana card in Fullerton, California.

Who Has Access to Cannabis Medicine in Fullerton?

Technically, any adult over 21 can grow, own and use cannabis in California. But, municipalities such as Fullerton can decide to ban medical and recreational sales. Like many other cities in Orange County, Fullerton banned both types of marijuana retailer. This means you can only obtain marijuana by growing it yourself or from an out-of-town dispensary.

But, even outside of Fullerton, you might have a challenging time finding adult-use retailers. Some places only provide a limited number of permits to stores, while others only allow medical dispensaries to operate. Having a medical marijuana card lets you get medicine from the numerous collectives already established.

Other Reasons to Get Approval

The benefits of having a medical cannabis card don’t stop at deliveries. If you move or go out of town, you can buy medicine from dispensaries all over the state. You also get to skip paying sales and use tax on your marijuana purchases. Patients who need medicine with high concentrations of THC get permission to buy tinctures, edibles and topicals with amounts higher than recreational products.

Contact a Marijuana Doctor in Fullerton, CA, Today

As you can see, California medical marijuana cards still have plenty of perks for patients to take advantage of. Plus, by working with a marijuana-certified doctor, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most out of your treatment.

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