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Medical Marijuana Doctors in Berkeley, CA

One of the most important decisions to make in your medical marijuana treatment plan is which doctor you want to work with. Physicians evaluate your eligibility for cannabis medicine, write recommendations and help you find the best medication options. Learn why you should visit a doctor and get a medicinal cannabis card in Berkeley, California.

Do I Need to Visit a Certified Doctor?

California recreational dispensaries began to open in 2018. If you’re over 21, you can visit one to buy cannabis products. So, you may wonder, if you can already get marijuana without a medical ID, why bother? But, just because we have more options doesn’t mean that patient IDs are obsolete.

At the beginning of California’s recreational legalization, Berkeley allowed only a few select dispensaries to sells adult-use items. However, medical cannabis collectives have more experience working with patients. Cardholders can become members at these dispensaries and get dedicated health care.

Plus, patients who need strong marijuana medicine don’t have access to it at recreational stores. Adult-use cannabis can only have so much THC and other cannabinoids in it before being considered a medical item. Stores that only sell recreational products won’t stock high-THC medicine, and you can’t buy it without a card, anyway.

Getting a recommendation from a physician gives you expanded access to the medicine you need, so we strongly suggest making an appointment if you believe you would qualify.

Benefits of Having a California Medical Marijuana Card

You can greatly benefit from visiting a marijuana-trained doctor and getting a medical cannabis card. Patient perks include:

  • Higher possession and cultivation limits
  • Waived sales and use tax on cannabis medication
  • Added legal protections

Contact a Marijuana Doctor Near You Today

Carrying a medicinal cannabis ID makes it much easier to manage your treatment plan by providing these benefits and more. So, what are you waiting for? Schedule an appointment with one of the doctors on this page today.

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