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  • Location: Brattleboro, VT
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Marijuana Dispensaries in Brattleboro, VT

An important aspect of the Vermont medical marijuana process is picking and visiting a dispensary where you can buy your medicine. You can always grow your own plants, but dispensaries sell diverse inventories that feature products you can’t make yourself. We’re here to help you find a dispensary in Brattleboro, Vt., and learn about what you can buy there.

Signing Up for Vermont MMJ

Before you visit a dispensary, you must have a medical marijuana card issued by the state. If you have one of the approved conditions, you can ask for permission from your doctor and send in a registration packet. Although you have to live in Vermont, your doctor can be licensed in New York, Massachusetts or New Hampshire if you see somebody in one of those states.

Which Medical Marijuana Products Are Legal in Vermont?

Vermont allows the sale of all typical weed products that have been tested for safety and quality. When you buy, keep in mind that you and your caregiver(s) can only possess two ounces of medicine at a time.

Here are some examples of what you’ll see at a Vermont dispensary:

  • Bud: The most common marijuana product is the flower of the marijuana plant. It’s used for smoking and vaping, both of which give you weed’s beneficial effects quickly.
  • Concentrates: Cannabis can be dissolved into an oil or wax like a crumble or shatter. These concentrates can be smoked or vaped using a dab stick to place it onto your pipe or vape plate.
  • Edibles: Marijuana doesn’t just get added to brownies. Depending where you look, you can find hot sauce, cheese snacks, gummies and other unique treats you can use as your medicine.
  • Topicals: Some dispensaries sell lotions, patches and balms that help relieve pain.

To learn more about the effects of different types of marijuana medicine, we have more information for you.

Dispensaries in Vermont

Since marijuana policies constantly change for any state, we have a list of dispensaries currently operating in Vermont. You must designate a dispensary on your medical marijuana card before you can shop there.

If you need a medical marijuana recommendation, check out our listing of Vermont doctors to find one near Brattleboro.

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