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Marijuana Dispensaries in Puerto Rico

Since 2015, medicinal marijuana has been accepted as a viable treatment for qualifying medical conditions and is now considered a form of alternative medicine in Puerto Rico as well as in some States in the US. Many patients have reaped the benefits of Medical Marijuana where traditional treatment methods failed.

In 2015, Puerto Rico approved the Medical Cannabis Act. This legislation is responsible for creating themedical marijuana program and how the entire program runs. This program, like many others, was created for the people, by the people to help patients battling debilitating diseases, especially those for where medical marijuana is the only form of treatment that improves their quality of life.

Puerto Rico Medical Marijuana Card

Medical marijuana cards can be obtained by both residents of Puerto Rico and visitors who have a medical marijuana card in their state. Residents must follow this process:

  1. Meet with an MCRB registered physician.
  2. Receive a recommendation from that physician.
  3. Fill out an MCRB application and the associated forms.
  4. Submit the doctor’s recommendation, the application, application fee and identity documents in person to the Medicinal Cannabis Regulatory Board.
  5. Wait for a medical marijuana card.
  6. Choose one medicinal cannabis establishment to receive medications from.

Visitors with a medical marijuana card from their home state can go in person to the Medicinal Cannabis Regulatory Board to fill out an application and pay a fee to purchase cannabis medications while in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico’s Qualifying Conditions for Medical Marijuana Treament

The debilitating conditions that qualify for medical marijuana treatment programs include but are not limited to:

Where Comes In

To get properly evaluated for medical cannabis treatment, licensed and certified physicians can only evaluate patients to see if they qualify. is an industry leader when it comes to connecting patients with knowledgeable, compassionate doctors.

We provide you with everything you need to make a qualified decision. From comprehensive information regarding the benefits and side effects of marijuana for your condition. We also help you get your medical marijuana card and locate a trustworthy, reliable medical marijuana dispensary in Puerto Rico.

What Benefits Do We Provide Patients?

When you use as a patient, you can:

  • Connect With Certified Medical Marijuana Doctors Instead of looking for a qualified doctor to perform your tests and write a certificate on your own, use our portal instead. We only connect patients with trusted, qualified physicians who provide the best compassionate care.
  • Browse Our Comprehensive Database – Since many patients only know a little about what cannabis can do for them, we maintain a comprehensive database of all things marijuana related. Whether you want to stay up-to-date on Pennsylvania’s medical marijuana laws or you need information about cannabinoid, we’ve got you covered.
  • Book Appointments Online – Ease of access to the doctor is another key advantage of using Whenever you want to see your physician, simply book an appointment via our online platform and see the doctor in person or through the Telehealth portal (in applicable states only).
  • Free Access to Our Symptom Tracker – You get free access to the state-of-the-art symptom tracker, which is an incredible tool for managing your medical marijuana needs. What’s more, it’s available on a mobile site and a free mobile app.

Locate a Trusted Dispensary or Doctor in Puerto Rico Today

At, we specialize in helping qualified adults become state-recognized cannabis patients. Connecting with medical marijuana dispensaries and physicians in Puerto Rico has never been more convenient. Check out our doctors and dispensaries today!

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