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  • Location: Kamuela, HI
  • Traveling Range: 10 miles
  • Experience: Yes
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Marijuana Dispensaries in Kamuela, HI

This Big Island town may have the name Kamuela in its address, but the locals know it as Waimea. Since Hawaii has three different communities named Waimea, the town gave itself the alternate name of Kamuela to reduce confusion. No matter what you call it, Waimea has a robust history of Hawaiian ranching and a tight-knit community. Locate a Kamuela/Waimea dispensary using the listings above.

Medical Marijuana for Non-Residents

Unlike many states, Hawaii does not require you to have state residency to sign up for a patient card. Instead, you need to get approval from a state-certified doctor and provide a Hawaii address. New and temporary residents can register for medical marijuana if they have a bonafide relationship with their physician. These rules open up access to more Hawaiians.

As of September 2018, visitors cannot get a card. However, that may soon change. Officials plan to create a 60-day license for patients from out-of-state. If you have a medical marijuana card from your home state, you can sign up. Program staff plan to make this change in 2019, but stay tuned to our pages and blog for more updates.

What Do Waimea Dispensaries Sell?

Dispensaries in Hawaii can sell many types of medicinal items. You can’t buy edibles or anything meant for smoking or vaping. However, you can purchase just about any other kind of medicine. Hawaii permits flower, pills, topical treatments, oils and similar items. Patients can make edibles and other products on their own using legal medicine from a dispensary.

Talk with your doctor and dispensary staff to determine which products and ingestion methods will work best for you.

Find a Dispensary in Kamuela/Waimea

Relief is just a few clicks away. Narrow your search by zip code, distance and city to find a dispensary near you in Kamuela. Every listing features a helpful description of the dispensary’s products and services.

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