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Marijuana Dispensaries in Tallahassee, FL

Florida is now offering compassionate care alternative treatments to patients with debilitating or terminal conditions. If you qualify, you can be a patient on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. This gives you access to Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers containing medications that exceed the industry standards.

Although Florida has limited the number of treatment centers that can be opened throughout the state, Tallahassee, Fla., residents have several options to choose from. Visit a center today to receive amazing medications, education and kind assistance.

Becoming a Registered Patient

The Florida Department of Health only allows qualified patients with confirmed disorders to be added to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. If you believe you’d benefit from medicinal cannabis, you must complete the application process to become a registered patient:

  1. Meet with a doctor who’s qualified to approve registry patients.
  2. If your condition is confirmed, they’ll add you to the Medical Marijuana Use Registry.
  3. Complete the application online with the Florida Department of Health.
  4. When approved, you’ll receive your registry identification card.

First Time Visiting a Treatment Center

If this is your first time visiting a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center, don’t worry. These facilities are designed to walk you through the process of getting the cannabis medications you need. When you arrive, the staff will confirm that you’re a registered patient by checking your identification card and ID.

Treatment Center staff members are committed to working with you and your doctor. Depending on the types of medication and dosage your physician has recommended, you may be pointed to products high in CBD but low in THC, or traditional medical marijuana treatments.

All smokeables are prohibited in Florida dispensaries. However, there’s a large variety of vaporization products and ingestible capsules that have proven to be effective.

Purchasing Options

Many patients find traveling to area treatment centers difficult because of their health or the distance. For these patients, delivery is a great option. Call in or order online, and your meds will be brought to you. This may have an additional charge associated with it.

You can always go to a treatment center and pick out your products in-person. You can also view the online menu and call in your order or choose your products online. Then, just go to the store and pick up your purchase.

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