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  • Location: Edwards, CO
  • Traveling Range: 10 miles
  • Experience: Yes
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Marijuana Dispensaries in Edwards, CO

Southern Methodist University named Edwards the most arts-vibrant small community in the country in 2018. This town supports public art initiatives inspired by Colorado landscapes and culture. Eagle County may have relatively small communities, but its forward-thinking approach to cannabis allows patients to shop at recreational and medical dispensaries.

Cannabis on Federal Lands

Edwards visitors and residents alike get to appreciate the many national parks and forests in the surrounding area. However, patients should keep in mind that these lands have different marijuana laws than Colorado.

National forests and parks count as federal land, where Colorado laws can’t protect you from cannabis-related charges. If you plan to visit one of these landmarks, leave your medicine at your home or hotel. You should also avoid visiting if you feel impaired by your medicine.

Do I Need a Medical Marijuana Card to Buy Medicine?

Adults over 21 don’t have to have a Colorado medical card to buy from a retail cannabis store, but it can make buying medicine easier. However, minors must have one to make a purchase at a medical dispensary, since they can’t shop at a recreational store.

Out-of-state patients can’t use a medicinal cannabis card from their home state to visit a medical marijuana center, so they must go to a recreational dispensary. If you qualify for a medicinal marijuana card, it will enhance your experience as a patient, but it’s not necessary if you’re over 21.

Benefits of Having a Colorado Medical Card

Getting a patient card lets you shop at medical marijuana dispensaries. These locations can tax at lower rates than recreational stores. They also have medicine with THC levels above the normal limit. Registered patients can also own up to two ounces of cannabis instead of one.

Get a Medicinal Cannabis Examination

Visit a marijuana-trained doctor today to determine your eligibility for a card.

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