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  • Location: Dumont, CO
  • Traveling Range: 10 miles
  • Experience: Yes
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Marijuana Dispensaries in Dumont, CO

The Dumont/Downieville/Lawson community serves as a pitstop for tourists traveling to the mountains, as well as a comfortable home for residents. As part of Clear Creek County, Dumont allows medical and retail cannabis sales. You can also find even more dispensary cities within a reasonable drive.

These listings feature dispensaries near Dumont. Keep reading for more information about marijuana establishments in the region.

Nearby Dispensary Cities

If you plan to travel or want to find more dispensary options, you can find even more dispensaries in the areas surrounding Dumont. The entire county of Clear Creek allows medical and retail sales. You can also drive about an hour to either Boulder or Denver, which also allow both kinds of businesses. Patients with medicinal cannabis cards can travel to Lakewood to shop at a medical marijuana center.

Marijuana on Federal Lands

Patients who visit or live in Dumont have quick access to many national parks and forests. In fact, you may find yourself in Dumont on the way to these attractions from Denver.

However, if you plan to take in these locations’ natural beauty, you should keep in mind that they follow federal laws only. The United States considers marijuana a Schedule I drug. Therefore, you can receive harsh penalties for owning or using cannabis in these lands. Keep your medicine in your hotel or at home and try not to medicate too soon before your visit.

Medical vs. Retail Sales

Dumont has retail and medical establishments where patients can buy medicine. If you have a Colorado medicinal marijuana card, you can pay lower taxes and get higher doses at a medical center. Patients over 21 without a Colorado card can buy from a retail store at a higher tax rate.

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