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  • Location: Carbondale, CO
  • Traveling Range: 10 miles
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Marijuana Dispensaries in Carbondale, CO

Many green businesses call Carbondale home, including dispensaries that sell green relief. Carbondale allows medical and retail dispensaries to do business within city limits. The surrounding county of Garfield permits medical dispensaries only. So, if you don’t have a card, you want to keep your search in-town. Check out our Carbondale listings above or keep reading to learn more about dispensaries in Colorado.

Why Does the Difference Between Retail and Medical Dispensaries Matter?

Colorado has recreational and medical dispensaries that serve different patients. Local governments can decide if marijuana businesses can operate within their areas. Some allow one or the other, while others permit both or neither. Carbondale has both types of dispensaries, opening up options for patients.

If you can get a medicinal cannabis card, a medical dispensary will have more amenities for you. Medical marijuana centers charge lower taxes on purchases than retail cannabis stores. They also serve cardholding patients under 18 and their parents. Patients who need high doses of THC can only get their medicine at a medical dispensary.

However, not everyone can get a card. Some people don’t have an ailment that qualifies under the law, while others come from outside the state. Everyone over 21 can shop at a retail dispensary, whether or not they have a medical card. These locations may charge higher taxes, but they have some items that offer comparable relief to medical products. Minors without patient cards can’t access medicine at all.

How to Get a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card

If you have one of the conditions listed on our Colorado medicinal cannabis card page, you could qualify for the state’s medical marijuana program. A patient card gives you access to medical dispensaries throughout Colorado. For example, cardholders can expand their horizons to both Carbondale and Garfield County.

If you’re ready to start the process to apply for a medical card in Colorado, find cannabis-positive doctors in Carbondale today.

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