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  • Location: Crescent City, CA
  • Traveling Range: 10 miles
  • Experience: Yes
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Marijuana Dispensaries in Crescent City, CA

Crescent City creates hope out of misfortune. Founded by a shipwrecked crew and rebuilt after a tsunami, this town proves humanity’s strength in the face of hardship. No wonder you can find medical marijuana patients dealing with chronic illness calling Crescent City home.

Take a look at the listings above to find a dispensary near Crescent City. Keep reading this guide to learn more about your options in this part of California.

Crescent City Dispensary Laws

At the time of writing, Crescent City bans all types of dispensaries from doing business, including medical locations. California law only allows adults over 21 to own, grow or use cannabis. Meanwhile, it gives municipalities the freedom to decide if dispensaries can serve patients in their region. Unfortunately, Crescent City uses that liberty to prohibit any commercial marijuana activities.

If you live in Crescent City and need close access to medicine, you can grow cannabis plants as an adult over 21. As long as you raise them indoors and at home, you have some protection under state law.

Where Can I Go to Buy Medicine?

Of course, not everyone has the means to grow cannabis, and some patients may need a specific product. Patients willing to travel outside the city have two options:

  • Visit a Dispensary City in California: It takes nearly two hours to drive to Eureka, the closest location with a dispensary storefront. However, patients who can manage the trip can take their medicine back home and find relief legally.
  • Go to Oregon: You can travel north to Oregon to find legal recreational marijuana for 21+ adults. But, there is one major catch – you can’t take your medicine back with you to California.

Neither of these choices offer an ideal medicating experience, and we hope this situation changes for patients in the area. Follow our blog and pay attention to the local news to track local cannabis laws.

Get Professional Medical Marijuana Treatment

Everyone who takes cannabis medicine should consider getting advice from a cannabis-positive doctor. Schedule a visit with one today. Then, look at the listings above to find the closest dispensary to you.

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