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Marijuana Dispensaries in Mohave Valley, AZ

Located close to the California border, Mohave Valley offers a quiet escape for visitors and a cozy home for those looking to stay permanently. But, don’t worry about this smaller city lacking resources for medical marijuana patients. Mohave Valley also features dispensaries that will provide medication to patients.

City zoning laws permit medical marijuana dispensaries to do business as long as they stay in certain zones. Browse our listings to find where you can find relief in Mohave Valley.

How Many Dispensaries Does Mohave County Have?

When it comes to the number of medical marijuana patient, Mohave lies somewhere in the middle of Arizona’s counties. The Department of Health Services accepts dispensary applications based on location. An area with more patients has a higher chance of getting a dispensary than one with fewer. New River residents may have to look outside of town if they can’t find a suitable option.

What Help Will I Get From a Dispensary?

In addition to dispensing medicine to card-holding patients, Arizona law mandates that dispensaries:

  • Have opening hours that cover at least 30 hours per week
  • Offer learning materials to patients
  • Keep information about recommending products on site for employees to reference

While not required by law, a dispensary can also offer:

  • Deliveries to homebound patients
  • Medicine produced in-house
  • Bud from cultivation centers

Consulting a Trained Dispensary Professional

The state government will not let a dispensary hire someone until they submit fingerprints and fill out an application. It also requires every location to have a licensed medical director who trains employees. This vetting and training process gives dispensary team members the knowledge they need to give you the best care possible.

For More Information

Arizona’s medical cannabis program website has resources for doctors, patients and dispensaries. Patients looking for a marijuana-positive doctor can start their search using our physician listings. Then, choose a dispensary near you from the list above.

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