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Marijuana Dispensaries in Florida

In the state of Florida, the recent 2016 elections made medical marijuana a legal form of medical treatment. Many in the Sunshine State have viewed this as the beginning of a newer, more enlightened period in Florida’s history.

Among other things, this law legalized the consumption and cultivation of marijuana under certain circumstances with humanitarian usage of cannabis in mind. Because marijuana has been proven to be a reasonably safe form of medicine for several problems, this means many doctors are now finding their patients inquiring about using medical cannabis.

Legal Conditions of Marijuana in Florida

There are specific conditions under which the consumption of marijuana is legal in Florida. To be protected under the law, patients who have received their physician’s written recommendation must register with Florida’s patient registry and receive an identification card.

This ID card verifies the patient’s status as a legal, state-registered medical cannabis patient and exempts them from criminal and civil penalties associated with the use of their medicine.

Conditions Eligible for Medical Marijuana

Identification cards are issued by the state with the approval of a state licensed physician for a number of conditions including:

What to Look For in a Dispensary

Like any other business, you’ll find the good and bad among Florida dispensaries. Our goal is to help you deal only with the legal and most reputable providers. We’ve found that all the good dispensaries we’ve evaluated have a few things in common:

  • Knowledgeable staff -The difference between a great dispensary and a questionable one often boils down to what they know and how they communicate it. MD helps you identify dispensaries that understand the different cannabis strains and how they affect certain conditions.
  • Great reputation among the community – Dispensaries with a reputation for great service will stand out just as much as those that stand out for the wrong reasons. We help you choose the dispensaries that are well-respected by patients in the communities they serve and have established a pattern of professionalism and efficiency in their operations.
  • Varied product selection – Whether you want to smoke it, eat it or take it in pill form, there are serval ways to medicate yourself with marijuana. The best dispensaries understand this and carry a wide enough selection of products to accommodate your needs.

Find Florida Marijuana Dispensaries Here is here to provide a listing of Florida medical marijuana dispensaries along with a larger nationwide picture of medical marijuana usage in the United States. Our team rigorously verifies that every dispensary we list is a fully legal and trustworthy. Our directory allows patients to examine each listing closely to see the location, delivery information, reviews of the dispensary and each dispensary’s hours among other information.

It can be nearly impossible to evaluate every Colorado marijuana dispensary on your own. You may not even know how many exist! Don’t worry, though. has made is it easy for you. Each listing on our site gives you:

  • Location with directions
  • Operating hours
  • Authentic patient reviews
  • Information on delivery
  • Other pertinent details

Browse our directory and book an appointment with a Florida marijuana dispensary today.

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