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Medical Marijuana and Porphyria

Because someone suffering from porphyria will have to live with the disorder and its corresponding symptoms for life, managing the pain and anxiety associated with the disorder can become difficult. Traditional opiate-based pain medication can become addictive as well as less effective over time. Traditional anti-anxiety drugs often come with a long list of possible negative side effects that can lead to other medical problems. Medical marijuana may be an alternative treatment option that can help with both the pain associated with porphyria and the anxiety. Medical marijuana is also an excellent option for a porphyria sufferer who struggles with nausea and vomiting as a result of the disorder.

Medical Marijuana and Porphyria: Clinical Evidence

Medical marijuana has been used for pain relief throughout history by a wide variety of cultures. The analgesic properties offered by medical marijuana have also been confirmed in recent clinical studies. One recent study looked at the possible benefit to long-term opiate-based pain medication users of adding medical marijuana to their daily routine. By adding medical marijuana, the participants were able to use less opiate-based pain relievers while still getting the same level of pain relief.

Medical marijuana has also been studied extensively as an appetite stimulant and medication for nausea and/or vomiting with excellent results. Cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy and radiation are often prescribed medical marijuana to help reduce nausea and vomiting and to stimulate the appetite.Along with its significant analgesic and anti-nausea benefits, medical marijuana has long been believed to produce a calming effect for many users. As a result, recent studies have also looked at the validity of claims that medical marijuana can work as an anti-anxiety medication. Although some people report that medical marijuana actually increases anxiety, others report that is has a soothing effect that significantly reduces anxiety. The disparate results may be due to the differences in individual body chemistry.

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