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Medical Marijuana and Epididymitis

Epididymitis can be treated with medication, but it can also become chronic. When the cause is a bacterial or sexually transmitted infection, an antibiotic is indicated and can help rid the body of the infection. In the meantime, medical marijuana can help ease scrotal and testicular pain in many sufferers. Medical marijuana is also helpful for chronic pain in some patients, so it can provide relief for some individuals who have chronic epididymitis. While medical marijuana, like any other medication, does not work as well for some as well as it does for others, it has shown promise in even treatment resistant cases of pain and discomfort.

Medical Marijuana and Pain Associated With Epididymitis

Numerous studies have been conducted on the efficacy of medical marijuana treatment for pain. While the pain relieving effects of medical marijuana are often found to be mild, they do exist. Furthermore, they seem to be more effective on some users than others, showing that medical marijuana can be a safe substitute for potentially dangerous pain medications.

According to Dr. Mark Wallace of the University of California’s Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research, a study of fifteen individuals was conducted using smoked cannabis to treat medically induced pain. The study showed that a medium dose of cannabis resulted in noticeable reduction in pain. However, it also showed that a high dose actually increased pain. The reason for this increase in pain for some of the study’s participants is unknown. A doctor can prescribe the proper dose for dealing with epididymitis pain. As per their objective, the Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research will continue to do research into the treatment possibilities for medical marijuana, including pain.

The History of Medical Marijuana for Pain and Epididymitis

Anecdotal evidence for the efficacy of medical marijuana as treatment for pain dates back as far as the beginning of the Current Era. That is more than two thousand years of people using marijuana to relieve their pain. Even a physician in Roman Emperor Nero’s army was a proponent for the use of medical marijuana to relieve pain. History also shows a respect for the intoxicating nature of the plant with 15th century Muslim law allowing medicinal use of marijuana, but not recreational use.

Like many other medicinal plants, it took some time before its use carried over into modern western medicine. Nonetheless, as early as the 1800s, tests were being conducted on the plant’s efficacy as a medical treatment. Since that time, sufferers with a variety of ailments have testified to the ability of marijuana to relieve the pain caused by their sundry conditions. Like most pain medications, it works for some conditions and some patients, but not for others. Its potential to ease the pain of epididymitis cannot be ignored. Individuals with chronic epididymitis may find that the oldest and most simple solution to their pain management problems is medical marijuana.

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