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Degenerative Arthropathy

Medical Marijuana and Degenerative Arthropathy

Degenerative arthropathy, also called osteoarthritis, is a type of one of the most common chronic illnesses in the US—arthritis. There are more than 100 different types of arthritis, which cost over $56 billion in medical expenditures and work loss every year, according to a Stanford University study titled “The economic impact of arthritis.”

Currently, more than 100 medications and drugs are used in the treatment of arthritis. But some patients who suffer from arthritis have opted instead to use medical marijuana, which is an affordable, natural alternative that has only minor side effects. Recent research has shown that medicinal marijuana can be an effective alternative arthritis treatment.

For example, the Journal of Neuroimmunology stated in a 2005 article titled “Cannabinoids and the Immune System: Potential For the Treatment of Inflammatory Diseases?” by J. Ludovic and Takashi Yamamura, that cannabinoids may be considered for treatment of inflammatory disease such as arthritis.

Additionally, Ethan Russo, MD, Senior Medical Advisor at the Cannabinoid Research Institute, stated in a 2005 Americans for Safe Access brochure titled “Arthritis and Medical Marijuana”:

Science has now demonstrated that the THC component of cannabis is a very effective analgesic (pain killer), and that the CBD (cannabidiol) component has unique immunomodulatory benefits as an antagonist of tumor necrosis factor-alpha, supporting benefits in treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.

If you suffer from Degenerative Arthropathy and would like to learn how medical marijuana can help your condition, book an appointment with a local, qualified physician through today.  Let us help improve your quality of life!

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