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Autoimmune Disease

Medical Marijuana and Autoimmune Disease

Autoimmune Diseases and Medical Marijuana Treatments

The symptoms of these disorders leaves the patients at any level of fatigue, pain in the muscles or other areas of the body, fevers, and uncontrollable ticks or muscle movements or lack thereof, depending on the disease. Only one drug at the moment has been created and found to effectively slow the advancement of Lou Gehrig’s disease, and a host of medications are prescribed for all other autoimmune disorders that can bring some relief or retard the downward spiral of many others. Research is key, but it can’t move fast enough to unlock the genetic codes to stop, prevent or cure the increase in diagnosed cases every year. In the meantime, the patients often need substantial pain relief and support for depression and fatigue.

These patients can turn to medical marijuana. Its two main strains are bred and crossbred to get plants that can do more to ease chronic pain and allow for sleep or perk people up to help with the fatigue. A hybrid can do some of both, depending how much of one strain or another is in its genes. The kind that perks you up and helps with fatigue is also recommended for depression, for obvious reasons. Pot dispensaries are legal growers in states that have legalized marijuana for medical use, and those with a prescription card can request a specific kind of medical marijuana from the pot dispensary they frequent most. Initially patients with autoimmune disorders who get a prescription for medical marijuana might have to test a couple kinds out first to find the one that makes them feel significantly better. The prescribing doctor should have enough knowledge on the various cross-strains to make a few suggestions as well as where in the area the patient might find them.

Autoimmune Diseases and Medical Marijuana Research

Until research can catch up to reality and provide a cure for autoimmune disorders, medical marijuana is a reasonable substitute, especially given that some of these end in death. Patients who cannot afford in home care with attending nurses towards the end of MS, MD, or Lou Gehrig’s can afford medical marijuana. Furthermore they can not overdose on it and commit suicide, so there’s no fear of legal retribution from family and friends of the suffering loved one. Friends and/or family can help administer medical marijuana towards the end of life to ensure comfort and peace. Just check with local laws regarding living wills and the use of medical marijuana before proceeding.

More research, news and information on autoimmune disorders and diseases can be found on the web through the links of States where medical marijuana has not yet been legalized regularly posts news of upcoming legislative events that involve voting for or against legalizing it. When they do, pulls those news bits and posts them as well, so people living in those states who are struggling day to day with an autoimmune disorder can know how close to comfort they are.

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