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Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease

Medical Marijuana and Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease

The problems that may present themselves with these medicinal regimens are troubling at best. A baby aspirin a day may think the blood so it can’t deposit fatty plaque in the arteries in and around the heart. However, it also means that bleeding out from an internal injury or an external wound and constant bruising are the risks one takes. Then there are the ulcerative side effects too; stomach, throat and esophageal ulcers can form, and then the patient has to take another medicine to alleviate the symptoms of that. The cholesterol reducing and cholesterol blocking pills, while effective, require regular blood draws to make sure they aren’t having any negative effects on the liver, which produces the body’s own natural cholesterol. A patient who is also a hemophiliac or deathly afraid of needles would have big issues with either of these regimens.

Medical marijuana, on the other hand, has two specific compounds in it, naturally, that have been proven in clinical trials to reduce plaque buildup in the arteries of mice. Prof. Roger Pertwee conducted this study and it is currently under further research by GW Pharmaceuticals, with regards to the health benefits of THCV, a non-psychoactive component of medical marijuana and its well-known cousin, THC. Without all the hyper science jargon, their studies combined point to a cure for liver diseases, obesity, and metabolic disorders, all of which arteriosclerotic heart disease is a direct result.

Medical Marijuana Uses for Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease

Medical marijuana also provides a lot of other soothing side effects or high energy for exercise as needed for the patients with arteriosclerotic heart disease. It can’t be overdosed, it doesn’t require blood fat monitoring( unless your a participant in one of the drug trials or case studies) through needles, and won’t thin the blood to the point it can’t properly coagulate when the body becomes severely injured. It is the safer option, and quite possibly the safest option out there. Further research needs to continue before medical marijuana is regularly prescribed for arteriosclerotic heart disease, but right now, some pot docs are already writing prescriptions for it, in the hopes to get ahead of the curve with the pharmaceutical companies.

If you are a patient with arteriosclerotic heart disease and a firm believer in the world of natural medicine or you just want to explore a less dangerous option for your health, medical marijuana may be right you. You have to check the laws of your state for medical marijuana’s legality and acquire a medical marijuana carrier’s card before you consult with a marijuana prescribing doctor about whether pot is right for you and your heart and arteries. Who knows? It might just be the best thing to ever happen to your health.

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