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Alcohol Abuse

Medical Marijuana and Alcohol Abuse

Frequently scattered across the news, medical marijuana has become a much-debated topic nationwide. While the growing awareness of benefits associated with medical marijuana are beginning to lead to more sensible regulations and more extensive research, we are finally beginning to understand why cannabis is such a helpful treatment to those who are in need. Among the many conditions that medical marijuana can directly alleviate, specifically medical marijuana is great for kicking alcohol addiction and abuse.

Although widely considered a controversial treatment method mainly because there is conflicting research outlining whether or not marijuana can be considered addictive. Many studies have been completed and found that marijuana is not addictive or as harmful as other prescription opiates that doctors recommend. If opiates are not working, it is clear that our country needs an alternative addiction treatment that can solve the many problems of individuals nationwide.

With the growing spread of legalizing medical marijuana in the United States, it is becoming increasingly easier for scientists, doctors and scientific researchers to explore the benefits of marijuana as a treatment for alcohol abuse. Due to the fact that withdrawal from alcohol can often prompt the same symptoms as other medical conditions that are treated by marijuana, it is logical that the responsible use of marijuana could easily help with those who suffer from alcohol abuse. Symptoms treated by marijuana that draw a close comparison to that of alcohol abuse would be anxiety, depression, pain, nausea and sleeplessness.

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