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Nancy Moraa

Posted by Nancy Moraa on 08/01/2020 in News

Killer Mike Cannabis

Something exciting happened this July on the 27th. It was the launch of the Run The Jewels products by Cookies. Cookies are a renowned cannabis lifestyle brand that often appears on most relevant weed news platforms. 

The exciting project was between Lemonade, a renowned Sativa- focused sister brand to Cookies, and a famous hip-hop group Run The Jewels. This project was also a collaboration between Berner, the Bay Area rapper, and the founder of Cookies, RTJ rapper Killer Mike and rapper-producer El-P.  

Growth Through Collaboration

Berner has been quoted saying,Killer Mike & El-P are legit cannabis enthusiasts. Whenever I meet Mike, we get high together. Him and I go back more than a decade. I’ve always felt we can go next level in cannabis,”

Obviously in admiration of rapper killer Mike he further says, “After working together on The White Album (2011), I knew we’d have to work together again. I have lots of respect for RTJ’s work ethic. Creating the Run The Jewels brand is the most natural progression.”   

It is evident from his words that Berner loves working with his partners. Goes to show just how far a great product begins. Ooh la la is a great example of beautiful things that two people who make great partnerships can do. 

The Creative Link Between Music And The Ooh La La Strain

Run The Jewels launched its first branded strain, Ooh La La, whose name came from the famous single from RTJ’s latest album, RTJ4. It is obviously a hybrid strain. Nothing can give you a sensory-heightening head high, and a light body feeling like Ooh La La. That is, according to those who have been privileged to experience it. No doubt, soon raving reviews about this product will fill the cannabis online platforms.

Ooh La La is a mix of Lemonnade’s Sativa focus and Killer Mikes and El-P’s Indica appreciation resulting in this fantastic hybrid strain. It also comes with an aroma of spice cake and frosting, the flavor of sweet fruit cake with an herbal tea chaser adequate for tantalizing your senses. 

Apart from flower, the Run The Jewels line also has pre-rolls, extracts, vape, and blunts. These creative producers of Ooh La La promise more amazing products that will be available at Cookies location across the country.  

Fans of Ooh La La found it amazing, and they look forward to more fantastic products to take them to the next level experience. By the looks of things, there is more hybrid stuff coming from where this came from. It takes two legit cannabis enthusiasts like Berner and Killer Mike for a successful Marijuana business. 

Celebrity Cannabis Brands Mean Opportunity

Berner, whose real name is Gilbert Milam Jr., began working at the front desk of a cannabis dispensary 18 years ago. Long before the Green Rush or Prop 42 made recreational marijuana legal in his home state, the young man saw great business opportunities on those dispensary shelves. 

Berner today owns this cannabis, clothing, and lifestyle empire famously known as cookies. He is also a successful rapper and record label founder. Now he has again partnered with killer Mike to create the most amazing products. 

Do Celebrity Rappers Cultivate Better Strains?

This is a Grammy-nominated powerhouse rap duo. El-P and Killer Mike are the most celebrated and distinctive names in the rap business. Their creative synergy and excellent fan base make it evident that they should always rap together. And apparently, cultivate some amazing marijuana strains. 

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