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United Kingdom Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information


Legislators in the UK are currently forming a plan for the country’s medical marijuana laws and program. However, medical marijuana legalization is expected to occur sometime during the fall of 2018. Once this happens, patients will have better access to the resources they need. Altho Read More

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in the United Kingdom


By the fall of 2018, the UK intends to establish medical marijuana laws that will help create an official program for eligible patients. Because the nation has a history of possessing a relatively strict stance on cannabis, the program is not officially established and has yet to accept an Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in the United Kingdom


After more than 90 years of cannabis prohibition, the UK is finally in the process of establishing an official medical marijuana program with the impending legalization of medical cannabis. In October 2018, it was announced the doctors would be able to legally prescribe medical cannabis to Read More

Medical Marijuana in the United Kingdom


Recent Legal Updates: On October 11, 2018, it was announced that doctors in the United Kingdom will be able to prescribe medical cannabis after November 1st. The decision comes in the wake of two publicized cases of juvenile epileptic patients having success with marijuana-based treatmen Read More

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