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South Dakota Cannabis Facts


South Dakota Medical Marijuana Facts In February, 2016, the South Dakota state legislature’s Senate Judiciary Committee was considering two medical cannabis bills. Known as the “Safe Haven Bill,” one bill would allow residents of areas where medical pot is legal to visit friends or Read More

SD Marijuana Laws


South Dakota Medical Marijuana Laws Unlike their neighbors to the north, the people of South Dakota seem to have no interest in making medical cannabis available to patients dealing with severe pain every day of their lives. South Dakota medical marijuana laws remain unchanged, and it con Read More

SD Marijuana Qualification


South Dakota Medical Marijuana Qualifications Who Qualifies for Medicinal Marijuana in South Dakota The state of South Dakota is one of the few in the country without a medical marijuana program. Attempts to pass legislation to allow patients access to the medicinal healing of cannabis h Read More

South Dakota Medical Marijuana


The State of South Dakota has NOT yet established a medical marijuana program, which allows you to receive a marijuana recommendation from a certified physician, apply for a State-issued Medical Marijuana Card, and grow and/or purchase medical marijuana for medicinal use per state issued g Read More

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