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Poland Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information


In 2017, Poland passed legislation that allows pharmacies to offer marijuana medicine. They don’t have a medical marijuana program that patients must join, but they do have dedicated procedures and officials overseeing medicinal cannabis. The Benefits of Getting Authorization for Cannab Read More

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Poland


In 2017, Poland legalized medical marijuana for qualifying patients. But, who exactly counts as one? Every country has their own guidelines for who can acquire medical marijuana, and Poland is no different. Fortunately, legislation opens up access to more than 300,000 Polish citizens. Pol Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in Poland


While Poland has legalized medical marijuana, there are still rules you should keep in mind to medicate legally. Sticking to the law lets you use your medicine in peace without worrying about criminal prosecution. Laws About Using Medical Marijuana Poland’s parliament passed a bill in Read More

Medical Marijuana in Poland


Poland has become one of the many countries in the EU and worldwide to legalize cannabis medicine. So, citizens in need of an alternative form of treatment can now take medical marijuana safely and legally. Does Poland Have a Medical Marijuana Program? Some countries implement an officia Read More

Poland Legalizes Medical Marijuana


Polish pharmacies could begin legally selling cannabis on November 1, after a hard-fought battle in Parliament. Piotr Krzysztof Liroy-Marzec, former rapper Liroy, was able to push the legislation through two years after he was elected to the Polish parliament. The Polish Medical Marijuana Read More

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