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NY Adds Opioid Use as a Qualifying Condition


On June 18, 2018, the New York State Department of Health made an announcement that could improve the way we treat severe chronic pain. To combat the epidemic happening in their state and beyond, they added opioid use as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Discover what makes thi Read More

What Doctors Should Know About Recommending Marijuana in New York


Currently, medical marijuana is legal in 29 U.S. states. New York joined the crusade in July 2014, when Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo and the New York State Legislature passed the Compassionate Care Act. The law aims to regulate the "manufacture, sale and use of medical marijuana." The act also str Read More

Schenectady, NY Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Schenectady, NY In 2014, New York legalized medical marijuana and expanded the number of medication options available to patients as a result. If you're on the fence about seeking cannabis-related services, you'll be happy to know a physician can help guide y Read More

Rye, NY Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Rye, NY New York-based residents must receive a diagnosis from a qualified physician before buying marijuana products at one of the dispensaries located within the state. If you're worried the process of getting registered is lengthy or complicated, don't be. Read More

New Paltz, NY Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in New Paltz, NY A compassionate, knowledgeable doctor is at the core of any successful medical marijuana treatment plan. After all, the guidance a physician provides will determine factors such as your diagnosis, treatment plan choices, medications and more. Read More

Mineola, NY Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Mineola, NY Do you want to receive access to superior health care while improving your general sense of wellbeing? If so, your primary goal should be educating yourself on all your available medical options. If you live in Mineola, NY, you have many different Read More

Levittown, NY Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Levittown, NY Today's healthcare professionals are continuously expanding treatment choices to include new and healthier alternatives — primarily cannabis. For patients with chronic or life-threatening illnesses, medical marijuana opens several doors for po Read More

Freeport, NY Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Freeport, NY As a New York-based city, Freeport residents benefit from the recent legalization of medical marijuana that permeates the entire state. But just because qualified medical patients have access to cannabis doesn't mean they shouldn't inform themselv Read More

Eden, NY Doctors


Medical Marijuana Doctors in Eden, NY Today, marijuana is regarded as a legitimate medication option as the stigma surrounding this therapeutic substance is replaced with positive reception. As national support for cannabis steadily grows, more individuals find themselves enjoying access Read More

How Do I Fill My New York Medical Marijuana Recommendation?


New York patients new to medical marijuana might be surprised to find it operates on a different system from traditional medicine. To fill a New York marijuana recommendation, you must go through a different process than you would to fill a typical prescription. No worries — there are on Read More

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