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New Zealand Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information


Although patients can access certain cannabis-based medications in New Zealand with only a doctor’s prescription, most believe this system is highly ineffective. Not only are very few medications approved, but patients must pay all costs out of pocket. In December of 2017, a new bill Read More

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in New Zealand


Not many patients qualify for medical marijuana under the current system in New Zealand, which has led many patients in need of cannabis meds to purchase marijuana on the streets illegally. It’s estimated that one in 20 people in New Zealand are using cannabis for medical purposes. Becau Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in New Zealand


The medical marijuana laws in New Zealand are extremely strict and somewhat tricky to understand. Under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1975, possessing any amount of marijuana is illegal, whether you’re using it for medical purposes or not. However, the use of cannabis among Kiwis is rampant. M Read More

Medical Marijuana in New Zealand


The medical use of cannabis is a hotly debated subject in the island nation of New Zealand. The country has made little headway — today, physicians can only prescribe certain cannabis-based medications, and the cost and restrictions make it very difficult to even receive them. However, i Read More

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