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Malta Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information


New medical marijuana legislation is still being reviewed by the Maltese Parliament. However, it’s expected to pass sometime in early 2018. When it does, it will replace the country’s current medical cannabis laws, which are highly ineffective. Like many other European nations, Maltese Read More

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Malta


Since 2015, Malta has had an ineffectual medical marijuana program in place. Because of massive restrictions and overbearing bureaucratic oversight, no patients are participating in this program to date. Many prefer to obtain their cannabis illegally, subjecting themselves to legal penalti Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in Malta


Patients are rejoicing over Malta’s plan to improve their current medical marijuana program. Although the 2015 Drug Dependence Act laid out the criteria for patients to receive cannabis-based medication prescriptions from government-approved physicians, the plan was ineffective — it re Read More

Medical Marijuana in Malta


2018 may be the year medical marijuana laws in Malta become more practical, giving patients in this small island nation the chance to receive the cannabis medications they need to treat their debilitating conditions. Although Malta’s 2015 Drug Dependence Act stipulates a course of act Read More

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