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Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Israel


As a significant hub for medical marijuana research, Israel has the knowledge to provide their patients with a comprehensive medical marijuana program. Folks with conditions approved under Israeli regulations can get a medical marijuana card that lets them use cannabis medication. Medical Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in Israel


Although Israel is more accepting of medical marijuana than many other countries in the world, they still enforce strict regulations to ensure patient safety. Knowing what you can and can’t do with cannabis will help you make informed medical decisions. Israeli Medical Marijuana Use Law Read More

Medical Marijuana in Israel


Israel is a trailblazer in medical marijuana research. With full support from the Ministry of Health, Israeli scientists have made some of the field’s most groundbreaking discoveries. So, it’s no wonder that Israeli citizens benefit from an evolved medical marijuana program. Israel’ Read More

Israel: Export Marijuana


Over the last 50 years, Israel has become an epicenter of marijuana research — the country is at the forefront of weed technology and its medicinal and cultural evolution. Now, Israel is looking to pass legislation in 2018 allowing companies to export their products to other countries, i Read More

Updates to Medical Marijuana Program in Israel


Medical marijuana is known for helping patients who are suffering from certain medical conditions, not only in Israel but across the globe. The Government of Israel recently released a resolution concerning medical cannabis products, access to care for patients who qualify and supply of ma Read More

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