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Florida Medical Marijuana Course for Doctors


Do you want to offer your patients a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals? Florida doctors must go through the proper training before they can write a medical marijuana recommendation. To get a license to recommend cannabis medicine, you must follow the steps required by the state. Who Read More

Tampa, FL Dispensary


Florida has allowed several organizations to produce and distribute high-quality medical cannabis. These medications are available to qualified patients at Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers throughout the state. There are a limited number of facilities in the state, but Tampa, Fla., p Read More

Tallahassee, FL Dispensary


Florida is now offering compassionate care alternative treatments to patients with debilitating or terminal conditions. If you qualify, you can be a patient on the Medical Marijuana Use Registry. This gives you access to Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers containing medications that excee Read More

Pensacola, FL Dispensary


The fight against chronic and terminal illnesses has a new weapon. Medical marijuana is a treatment that is gaining popular acceptance. In Florida, it’s been legalized for patients struggling with state-approved debilitating conditions. Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers allow patien Read More

West Palm Beach, FL Doctors


If you’re living in West Palm Beach, FL and have chronic pain because of a debilitating condition, you might be able to finally get relief. Patients in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas can use medical marijuana to help treat their symptoms. Those looking for a medical marijuana Read More

Wellington, FL Doctors


Residents, even those who are seasonal, can access medical marijuana in Florida, which was the 26th state to legalize medical weed. If you’re the caregiver for a family member or someone who could benefit from medical marijuana, it’s important to understand Florida’s legislation abou Read More

Vero Beach, FL Doctors


Residents and physicians across Florida have given their support to medical marijuana, as demonstrated by Amendment Two, which expanded on its use, and the continued movement of physicians to become licensed medical marijuana doctors in cities like Vero Beach, Fla., and the surrounding Ind Read More

Tampa, FL Doctors


Whether you’re interested in using medical marijuana to treat painful symptoms, like muscle spasms resulting from multiple sclerosis (MS), or to help a family member find relief from their discomfort, experienced and compassionate medical marijuana doctors are available throughout Tampa, Read More

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