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Colombia Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information


While Colombia’s medical marijuana program focuses on licensing cultivators and distributors to ensure patients and researchers receive high-quality medical cannabis, it also sets standards for patients. Understanding these requirements is essential if you’re considering joining the co Read More

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Colombia


With the legalization of medical marijuana in Columbia, families and their loved ones now have the option to treat their conditions and chronic symptoms with a medicine that doesn’t pose the risks of prescription drugs. Colombia, however, has set standards for who can access and qualify Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in Colombia


In many countries, medical marijuana laws are always evolving to meet the needs of patients. Whether you’re a patient or a caregiver, it’s essential to know the existing medical cannabis laws in Colombia to ensure you’re using and cultivating medical weed in a way that’s safe and l Read More

Medical Marijuana in Colombia


While Colombia decriminalized the possession of marijuana in 2012, it only legalized it for medical use in 2015. With the legalization of medical weed, patients in need can now access the medicine to help relieve pain and discomfort from several medical conditions. Medical Marijuana Progr Read More

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