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Chile Medical Marijuana Card & Program Information


Unlike countries like Israel and U.S. states where medical marijuana is legal, Chile doesn’t offer a medical marijuana program for patients to join. Instead, they let doctors prescribe cannabis medicine to patients they think could benefit from it. The Benefits of Having a Medical Marij Read More

Qualifying for Medical Marijuana in Chile


Chile lets patients with specific health issues get marijuana medicine with a prescription, so they don’t have strict criteria people must meet to join a program. But, only some patients can get a prescription, and folks in different areas have access to different medicine. Who Can Use Read More

Medical Marijuana Laws in Chile


Chilean medical marijuana laws have changed a few times in the past decade, and they’re bound to change even more in the future. While Chile doesn’t criminalize marijuana as strongly as some countries, you should still know what you can legally do as a patient to avoid prosecution. La Read More

Medical Marijuana in Chile


Chile has been known as one of South America’s most conservative countries. But, even medical marijuana patients in this nation benefit from the cannabis revolution happening all over the world. Like many other parts of the world, Chile lets patients with chronic conditions use medical c Read More

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