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Medical Marijuana Research

The Need for Independent Testing on Marijuana Edibles


The Need for Independent Testing on Marijuana Edibles

A recent study revealed some ‘not-so-shocking’ realities about the cannabis infused products on the market these days. What the study found was that a large majority of products are inaccurately reporting the THC content contained within each product. According to the study 60% of the products in the test group reported ‘higher THC’ than what was really in the product,... Read more

5 reasons to make Cannajuice


5 reasons to make Cannajuice

People think that marijuana is just for the creative crowd, are absolutely wrong. For millennia cannabis has been a plant used for nutrition of the body and the soul. Here are five reasons why juicing you raw weed is a good idea for all of us. Reason number one: No need to feel that high. Seeing that you are injecting the cannabinoids using you digestive system you are slowly consuming the THC... Read more

Medical Marijuana for Pets


Medical Marijuana for Pets

As the marijuana plant naturally contains compounds that react on the endocannabinoid system, it would work just as well on our pets as it is working on us as we all are in essential mammals. We got to know that almost every tissue has receptors responding to Cannabis and the body’s different receptor systems have a positive response to cannabis. Looking for research being done on the... Read more

Using Medical Marijuana with Blood thinners - What to know


Using Medical Marijuana with Blood thinners - What to know

Due to the fact that Cannabis is now legally allowed to be used for medicinal purposes, more and more questions arrive around the effect it might have on certain conditions, especially when other medication is taken. One such case is blood thinners. Hemp could increase the anticoagulant effect of blood thinners by inhibiting its metabolism. It directly affects the anticoagulant properties of... Read more

How to Kill Skin Cancer with Cannabis


Marijuana and Skin Cancer

Before we get in to how to kill Skin Cancer with Cannabis Oil, we have to address the fact that Cannabis is still a Schedule 1 controlled substance that once again makes it hard for the average person to get access to it. Only sad thing is that cancer suffering people don’t have that much time to wait on rescheduling marijuana. As our body has its own endocannabinoid system with CB1 and... Read more

Cannabis and the Domino Effect in relation to Drug Policy


Cannabis and the Domino Effect in relation to Drug Policy

Cannabis legalization will spur a domino effect on Drug Policy in general; how long it would take is anyone’s guess. The fact of the matter is that people are realizing that our current approach to drug policy has been far from effective. Rather, there is ample evidence showing that drug prohibition has made society more dangerous and has done absolutely nothing to stop the illicit drug... Read more

Why you should always double check your Stoner Stories


Pot Planet

If by now you haven’t heard about NASA’s latest discovery of a Pot covered planet, allow me to fill you in on the details. Recently, an article appeared online outlining how NASA discovered a planet completely covered with cannabis plants. According to the article, the cannabis found on that planet is said to be 3000% more potent than on earth and scientists are debating on what to... Read more

What happens when you eat too much pot?


Eating too much pot

We’ve heard the story of the kid who ate too much pot and jumped out of a window. It’s the same story they told us about LSD back in the day. Yet as Bill Hicks points out, “if they thought they could fly, why didn’t they take off from the ground?” For most people however, eating a marijuana-laced brownie is a pleasant experience, which induces a deep heavy body... Read more

Where to find Marijuana Related Jobs?


20131217  20131218 A1 CDXXGARDENCITYp1

Recently we posted a picture of a group of retirees trimming some premium marijuana buds and found one common question by our users, “Where do you find marijuana related jobs”? This question is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that cannabis is being legalized all over the place and as everyone knows, where there are cannabis businesses…there are cannabis jobs. To... Read more

What to do about the NIDA Cannabis Controversy


What to do about the NIDA Cannabis Controversy

On one side, we have the Federal Government saying that cannabis holds no medical value. On the other side we have the National Institute on Drug Abuse saying, “Marijuana kills certain types of cancers and reduces the size of others” meaning it does indeed have medical value. Yet on another spectrum, we have the legal medical marijuana grow operation at the University of Mississippi,... Read more