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Medical Marijuana Research

Smoking Pot bad for your heart?


Is smoking pot bad for your health?

With the fairly recent legalizing of marijuana in the US, more possibilities of studies are open on the effect of Marijuana on the heart and cardiovascular system. It is a fact that smoking pot increases the heart rate by two or three times and the effect can last for 3 hours or more. That is why a heart attack can occur when marijuana is used. There are some case studies done, but none is really... Read more

Muscle Tension in body? How Cannabis can help


Muscle Tension and Cannabis

How did it get to this? A plant, not created by man, but the most condemned. By the way, it is not created by man, it grows by itself and like all living things, it has something to contribute. It is for man to decide if it is beneficial or not. There is no evidence that anyone ever died of an overdose, but it is still considered illegal in a great part of the world. On the contra verse it is... Read more

Can you lose weight using pot?


Marijuana Weight Loss

Now there is an interesting question that is at the moment scientifically hard to prove. It is more common knowledge that smoking pot increases appetite, hence the munchies where everything is craved. In recent studies though, it is found that cannabis users as less obese than those that don’t use pot. Surprising results! It is found that pot users that smoke round 3 times per week had... Read more

Most Pharma Drugs have fewer supporting studies than Marijuana


Pharma Drugs and Cannabis

It seems that cannabis almost has to resurrect the dead before prohibitionists accept that it has medical benefit. Unlike pharma drugs, cannabis is expected to go through rigorous testing, studying and longevity research before prohibitionists accept it. However, the long-term effects of most pharma drugs are not required to go through the same legal hurdles as cannabis…and it seems that... Read more

How Reefer Madness is still prevalent in today’s society


Modern Day Marijuana Reefer Madness

The dark ages of Reefer Madness leading up to the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, the original measure for outlawing the plant, only changed faces over the years but have remained a constant factor in the way the mainstream media presents information. The other day I was scouring my Facebook feed and saw a post by Marc Emery, The Prince of Pot, about an article written by Laura Cudworth talking about... Read more

Cannabis – The Civil Rights Movement of our Age


Marijuana Civil Rights

In a recent interview with President Obama and Shane Smith from Vice News many topics were discussed however the topic of cannabis was also talked about. In the interview Shane Smith said that ‘Cannabis is one of the most popular questions among young people’ where Obama responded that “cannabis shouldn’t be a priority to young people but rather jobs, education and so... Read more

The Science behind the Munchies


munchies and cannabis

Why do you get hungry when you smoke pot and more importantly, why does it taste so damn good? Recent research has shed some light on this issue as they observed a cluster of neurons that might be responsible for this behavior. The POMC Neurons Within the hypothalamus is a cluster of neurons known as the POMC neurons. The POMC neurons tell the brain when you are full and to stop eating. When... Read more

Not enough Research on Marijuana – Blame the Government!


Marijuana and the Lack of Research

Every now and then, we hear about prohibitionists claiming that we shouldn’t legalize cannabis because there is “too little research” on its long term effects. They say they want more research to be conducted however does not bar the Federal government from stalling cannabis research. In turn, they prolong prohibition and millions more wind up in jail over a plant. We have... Read more

National Highway Traffic Safety Admin says Cannabis doesn’t increase likeliness to crash


Cannabis doesn’t increase likeliness to crash

For most of us, we have driven stoned. While mainstream media outlets like to talk about the dangers of “drugged driving”, it seems they have completely missed the mark on cannabis. It is still not recommended to drive under the influence as you can get a DUI and in turn can taint the good name of cannabis legalization. Nonetheless, the next time someone tries to tell you that pot... Read more

Marijuana and the Brain – New studies that debunk Cannabis brain myths


Marijuana and the Brain

How many times have you heard by the mainstream media that marijuana kills brain cells? While there are plenty of studies that suggest that cannabis has neuro protective capabilities and actually stimulates neuro genesis, whenever a ‘study’ that finds the opposite is published, you’ll see it on every major publication in the world. In 2014, a study was plastered on all media... Read more