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Medical Marijuana Research

How A Recent Federal Breakthrough in PTSD Research Will Legitimize Medical Marijuana


For years, victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder have fought for their right for medical marijuana and had their voices silenced it seemed, over and over again. Just last week, one researcher at the University of Arizona set out to make significant strides in the long overdue battle for PTSD victims to be able to medicate with marijuana once and for all. Susanne Sisley’s study proposal... Read more

Sanjay Gupta is not Backing Down, But Doubling Down on Medical Marijuana


This past August, a documentary aired on CNN that would change the course of medical marijuana as our nation knew it. Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a previously self-admitted skeptic regarding the medicinal benefits of marijuana, did a complete 180 when he publically apologized for his uninformed beliefs. Today, Sanjay Gupta announces his is not backing down on medical marijuana, but rather, doubling down.... Read more

Cannabidiol Oil, Rich in Both Healing Compounds and History


Heather Jackson described her son’s severe seizures, beginning at just four months old as his “deepest valley.” Young Zaki Jackson was experiencing staggering thousands of seizures per day. In 2008, an electroencephalography reading revealed that his seizures were occurring at over 200 per hour. Zaki’s diagnosis? Doose Syndrome. By its very definition, Doose Syndrome is... Read more

Weeding out the Impurities in Medical Grade Cannabis


Forensic botanist and associate professor at the University of New Haven, Heather Miller Coyle, recently used a 10-times magnifying microscope to uncover a rather troubling reality. The microscope detected a number of pollutants and contaminants present in marijuana, including but not limited to: mold, mildew, salmonella, insect parts and E. coli. These contaminants appear in the form of tiny... Read more

Research Proves Cannabinoids Treat Multiple Sclerosis


46% of patients diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis are currently using marijuana to assist in treating their ailments, says Dr. Maloni, a nurse practitioner at the VA Medical Center in Washington, DC. Of the numerous compounds that make up cannabis, the two most predominant are THC and CBD. CBD is the second most abundant compound found in the plant, and when isolated, works to ameliorate Multiple... Read more

Cannabis and Pregnancy: Review of Literature


  Note: is not advocating the use of cannabis during pregancy. Please consult with your doctor. This article is simply designed to stimulate debate. There is huge controversy about the use of cannabis during pregnancy. Most people associate it with drugs like alcohol and tobacco and their influence on pregnant women. Unfortunately research on this subject is hard to... Read more

An Increasing yet Problematic Trend: Medical Refugees


The Lyles family in Northeast Ohio recently found themselves having to uproot their lives and reestablish themselves in Colorado, to provide the proper treatment for 18 year old daughter, Jordan. Operating on the cognitive level of a first grader, Jordan was diagnosed after ten years and numerous medical specialists, with Dravet syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy. After suffering from nearly a... Read more

The Results are In: Americans are Overwhelmingly in Favor of Legalization


The polls are in! In a recently conducted Gallup poll, 58% of Americans are in favor of the legalization of marijuana. This is, in many regards, a monumental statistic at it is, for the first time representing a clear population majority. In contrast, the first time this poll was conducted in 1969, a meager 12% were in favor of legalization. A significantly shifting society is underway,... Read more

Research Shows Cannabis is Effective in Reducing Pain


The population of the 21st century is subjected to a constant bombarding of ideas that define the line of behavior of man kind. It is now common to find medication advertising on television for trending diseases caused by the same pharmacology industries that cure it. While this hypnotic wave of people follow the material marketing world, others suffer from real serious diseases that provide... Read more

Cannabis and TouretteĀ“s Syndrome


Tourette´s syndrome is a neuropathy that is characterized by involuntary movements and articulations. The intensity of the syndrome depends on the individual that suffers from it and it can appear at any stage of life, though it is more likely to manifest in the initial phases of childhood and adolescence. The cause of this terrible disease is still unknown, though there are many theories... Read more