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Medical Marijuana News

It's Official: The Deep South Has Gained Irreversible Momentum on the Medical Marijuana Front


The Deep South: known for its abundance of red states, traditionally draconian ideals and predominantly conservative values. When taking into consideration notions of historically recognized southern tradition - words like change, alternative and marijuana are not often, in any context, called upon. In fact, the Governor’s mansion, constructed in 1971 represents just about all the marijuana... Read more

Connecticut Governor Hailed as Cannabis Hero, Defends Use of Medical Marijuana


May 31,2012 was a day that hailed Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy as a hero in the state of Connecticut. It was on that very day that the man they call "Dan" could undoubtedly kick up his feet and unwind at the Connecticut Governor's Residence knowing that he had etched his state's name into the nation's history books. It was on the cusp of the sixth month of the year that medical marijuana had... Read more

Medical Marijuana Bill Introduced In South Carolina, Could Finally Become Compassionate Reality For Epileptic Patients


Recently I had the pleasure of reporting on the Deep South's increasing momentum in regards to the issue of marijuana legalization. While the states of Alabama, Georgia and Florida have been consistently stealing headlines because of lawmakers introducing multiple pieces of pro-marijuana legislation, the nation can now turn its attention to another state that sits below the Mason-Dixon Line... Read more

Limited Medical Marijuana In NY: Health Commissioner Declares New York Marijuana Program To Be "Up and Running" In 1 Year


According to Empire State officials, New York plans to have its medical marijuana program fully functional within a year's time. While the status of the medical marijuana program is only in the preliminary stage of a pilot program, otherwise known as an experimental trial to better understand how a large-scale program might work, the goal is to have this program up and operational in an... Read more

Seattle Seahawks vs. Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, or First Ever Marijuana Bowl


  On Sunday, both the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks won their respective National Football League conference championships in absolutely brilliant fashion. The two teams are now set to take on each other in what has been billed as a truly historic Super Bowl between the top two ranked teams, and two of the nation’s first recreational marijuana markets. For the first time... Read more

Senator Harry Reid Becomes Highest Elected U.S. Official To Give Support On Medical Marijuana


Viewed as a historic announcement, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid recently voiced his personal stance on the issue of medical marijuana. While many would initially believe that Reid is in outright opposition of alternative medicine, it turns out that Harry Reid is in fact in favor of medical marijuana. A Democrat out of Nevada, Reid will now be known for becoming one of the highest elected... Read more

NFL Commissioner Weighs In On Potential For Allowing Its Players To Smoke Medical Marijuana


In a surprising turn of events, National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell said that he could strongly envision injured football players using legalized medical marijuana at some point to treat debilitating injuries. As part of a wide-ranging interview that took place with, Roger Goodell opened up about allowing players to use the drug as a means of effectively treating injuries... Read more

The Most Commonly Used Illegal Drug in the World


Recent studies have shown that the most commonly used illegal drug, worldwide, is marijuana. However, addictions to painkillers like Oxycontin, Vicodin and Codeine are causing more deaths annually than any other drug, according to the first-ever global survey. Though I’ve touched on the terribly misleading scheduling of marijuana in previous articles, these recently documented statistics... Read more

Gupta Kush – A New Marijuana Strain dedicated to the honest doctor


A new Marijuana Strain is on the loose and it is called Dr. Sanjay Gupta Kush but the name might have to be changed to Gupta Kush because of CNN’s bickering to stop the dispensary that developed the strain to stop calling it that. What is Gupta Kush? This Hybrid Sativa-Indica cross breed caters to a variety of diseases. If one should take only a few hits from the strain one would... Read more

HempMedsPX to Make its New York Debut at Retailers’ Expo


Annually, on September 8th and 9th, retail and wholesale distributors attending the New York City Wholesale Expo at the Jacob Javits Center would expect to find vendors displaying electronics and fashion accessories, home and office supplies and holiday and seasonal items. And while discounted convenience and drug store vendors have always had their place in the event, this year a new vendor will... Read more