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Medical Marijuana News

Surgeon General Confesses, 'Marijuana Can Be Helpful!'


Marijuana Can Be Helpful

President Obama recently instructed the justice department to lay off of marijuana, albeit for medical or recreational purposes, however despite this increased breathing room around legal states, administration officials continue to publicly insist that cannabis should remain illegal and, maintain that they will not consider its rescheduling. At her confirmation hearing, Loretta Lynch, the... Read more

Major Physicians' Group Calls For Decriminalization of Marijuana


Decriminalization of Marijuana

For the first time in more than a decade, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has updated its official position on medical marijuana by recommending that the U.S. government reclassify marijuana so that scientists can start to conduct real research into its potential health effects,. The AAP made its recommendation in its new policy statement.Although AAP does not support the full... Read more

Nevada's Growing Medical Marijuana Field


Nevada's Growing Medical Marijuana

As medical marijuana dispensaries ready their shelves for their debut opening this year, state lawmakers say that Nevada is anticipating a booming beginning and expect to see their medical marijuana numbers double, in the first year alone. Information and education officer for Nevada's medical marijuana program, Pam Graber, said, "One thing we have been able to do is look at... Read more

Poison Control Reports Spike in Marijuana-Related Cases


Marijuana-Related Cases

Since Colorado and Washington began allowing for the legal sale of marijuana last year, poison control centers have reported receiving an increase in the number of marijuana-related calls - a troubling number of them concerning young children. Although it is still unclear as to how much of the increase is related to an increase in the number of people using marijuana. According to Colorado's... Read more

New Partnership, Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) and CannaTrust Inc


The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CSSN) recently made an announcement, that they have partnered with Canna Trust Inc. - currently the only pharmacist-owned, and operated, licensed producer of medical cannabis in Canada. The partnership intends to provide patients with an education and informational platform, about the use of marijuana medically. The collaboration includes an... Read more

Detroit Rising From The Ashes With 180 Marijuana Dispensaries


2014 05 21T004303Z 1 CBREA4K01ZU00 RTROPTP 4 USA OREGON MARIJUANA e1420747709360

Detroit is getting ready to open its doors to 180 medical marijuana dispensaries. But not all of its residents are excited about the Motor City's move into the medical marijuana marketplace - a marketplace that is proving to produce some of the fastest growing businesses in Detroit to date. Hailed as being the "next big thing for the city of Detroit", Councilman James Tate says... Read more

2 Chainz Smokes Nancy Grace Out Of Debate On Marijuana Legalization


2 Chainz Smokes Nancy Grace Out

Nancy Grace, known for her outspoken and dramatically outlandish news anchoring tactics as host of the show HLN, recently got into the ring with rapper 2 Chainz, to debate whether or not pot should be legalized. True to Nancy-Grace-style the argument got heated as Nancy seemed to be overcome with a case of reefer-maddess, spouting dubious facts as her misguided rage gushed through. In an... Read more

'American Seed & Oil Company' Financed To Develop Maine Medical Marijuana Grow-Op


oil company develops marijuana grow operation

American Seed & Oil Company, a subsidiary of Algae International Group, Inc. (OTC: ALGA), has secured the necessary financing to begin building a multi-room indoor medical marijuana grow facility, in the State of Maine.The Company announced recently, that they have now secured all necessary funding to move forward with the proposed expansion plans that had been previously been made public.... Read more

Cycling for Medical Marijuana


Cycling for Medical Marijuana

There are many ways to stand up for Marijuana and advocate legalization. Some people aim to inform and educate, others get involved with politics and some…cycle! The story starts with Mr. Ken Locke who was almost killed in 2001 when a tree fell on him and caved in his skull. After extensive surgery, he was able to continue living except for the nasty side effects from the traumatic... Read more

Uruguay Marijuana Update – What’s been happening?


Uruguay Marijuana Update

After one year of the legalization for recreational use, Uruguay has kept up the pace even after a new president has been elected. The new president Tabare Vazquez won pointing towards the continuation of the legal consumption of cannabis in the country. According to the head of the National Drugs Board, Julio Calzada, the country currently has 1200 cannabis growers with around 500 cannabis... Read more