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Tarlov Cysts


Vaporizing vs. Topics for Tarlov Cyst Treatment


More and more patients with chronic conditions are using medical marijuana to reduce symptoms and increase their quality of life. Some patients with Tarlov cysts have joined in the relief to lessen the pain and discomfort that the cysts cause. But, many medical marijuana patients ha Read More

Steroids vs. Cannabis to Treat Tarlov Cysts


Many patients dealing with Tarlov cysts in their spine receive corticosteroid treatment. Since Tarlov cysts cause pain and inflammation, doctors prescribe corticosteroids that calm down the inflamed areas. However, corticosteroids are potent drugs that can cause severe risks. Not ev Read More

How Medical Marijuana Can Help Manage Tarlov Cyst Pain


One of the most prominent symptoms of Tarlov cysts is pain. The discomfort caused by the pressure, pain, and inflammation makes it much harder for Tarlov cyst patients to go about their daily lives. Doctors usually prescribe pharmaceutical painkillers to manage Tarlov cyst-related p Read More

Can Medical Marijuana Prevent Surgery to Remove Tarlov Cysts?


When Tarlov cysts begin to cause severe symptoms, doctors may consider surgery to reduce their size. But, surgery is an invasive process that not every patient wants or can go through. So, what else can they do? Medical marijuana gives patients another choice for their treatment. Ca Read More

Medical Marijuana For Tarlov Cysts


Tarlov cysts affect the spinal cord in the tailbone or sacral region. As the cysts develop, the condition can cause severe pain. Many patients look to cannabis for Tarlov cysts as an alternative treatment option for the pain. Learning more about marijuana and Tarlov cysts can help you de Read More

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