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What Symptoms of Syringomyelia Can Be Managed With Cannabis?


The main symptom associated with syringomyelia is chronic pain. The condition causes a fluid-filled cyst (syrinx) to develop in the spinal cord, which can cause excruciating pain. However, the spinal cord is the primary pathway by which the brain communicates with the nervous system. Read More

Opiates vs. Medical Marijuana to Treat Syringomyelia


After a spinal injury, other serious complications can arise that put a patient’s health at risk — one of these is syringomyelia. The main characteristic associated with this disorder is chronic and intractable pain. Although there are surgical options, most patients opt for heavy Read More

Can Medical Marijuana Shrink Syringomyelia Syrinxes?


Syringomyelia is a debilitating condition with far-reaching consequences to the patients who have it. What starts as a small, fluid-filled cyst in the spinal cord, called a syrinx, can grow and impact multiple bodily functions. Each patient presents symptoms differently depending on t Read More

Medical Marijuana For Syringomyelia


Syringomyelia affects the spinal cord and often happens after trauma to the spine. Pain is a prominent symptom of the condition. While some patients are eligible for surgery to relieve the symptoms of syringomyelia, others simply rely on pain relievers, which can cause serious side effec Read More

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