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Spinal Cord Disease

Best Strains of Cannabis to Help Manage Spinal Cord Disease


There are thousands of strains that treat hundreds of symptoms, from nausea to persistent pain. So, how do you know which is right for you to take if you have a spinal cord disease? The best thing to do is look at your individual symptoms. Spinal cord disease affects each patient di Read More

Can Cannabis Be Used to Treat Spinal Cord Disease-Related Lesions?


A potential complication that can arise when a patient has spinal cord disease is spinal lesions. Lesions on the spinal cord can be both extremely painful and difficult to manage. Depending on where the lesion is and its severity, it can cause other debilitating symptoms, as well. W Read More

Medical Marijuana Strains to Relieve Spinal Cord Disease-Related Muscle Spasms


Spinal cord diseases are any disorders affecting your spinal cord not caused by injury. No matter what the main cause of the issue is, this condition can cause painful and debilitating symptoms, one of which is muscle spasms. Although some spasms may go unnoticed, many are so painful a Read More

Medical Marijuana For Spinal Cord Disease


Spinal cord diseases are disorders of the spinal cord that develop for various reasons other than a trauma. Medical cannabis for spinal cord disease can improve pain, spasms, sleep and other complications associated with your spinal cord disease. What is Spinal Cord Disease? Your spina Read More

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