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Post Laminectomy Syndrome with Chronic Radiculopathy

Can Medical Marijuana Limit Nerve Damage in Post Laminectomy Syndrome Patients


A laminectomy is a surgery that’s performed on the spine when a patient exhibits chronic pain. Though this procedure is used to help patients living in discomfort, the opposite can also occur. Post laminectomy syndrome (PLS) is a potential complication that can arise after this type Read More

Opioids vs. Medical Marijuana to Treat Post Laminectomy Syndrome


A patient can develop post laminectomy syndrome (PLS) or other complications after undergoing a spinal surgery known as a laminectomy. PLS makes it hard to handle simple, everyday tasks because of chronic and severe pain. When this occurs, improving quality of life becomes a priority. Read More

How Medicinal Cannabis Manages Post Laminectomy Syndrome-Related Chronic Pain


Disorders of the nervous system can be quite difficult to manage. Nerve pain and other related symptoms impair quality of life and can lead to strains in a patient’s work, mood and family life. Post laminectomy syndrome (PLS) can develop after a patient undergoes a spine surgery know Read More

Medical Marijuana For Post Laminectomy Syndrome with Chronic Radiculopathy


If you’ve ever experienced chronic pain, you know it’s extremely uncomfortable, saps your energy and ruins your mood. Taking pain relievers on a regular basis creates other problems, the most severe being addiction. Pain relievers can also affect your bowels, digestive system, appeti Read More

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