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Best Strains of Medical Marijuana for Managing Myoclonus Symptoms


If you’re new to the world of medical marijuana, you may be surprised to learn there are many kinds of cannabis plants with varying strengths and weaknesses. Patients with myoclonus have heard of cannabis’ anticonvulsant benefits, but may not know which kind would help them most. Read More

Can Medical Marijuana Be Used to Manage Myoclonus-Related Convulsions?


Everyone experiences some form of myoclonus — after all, haven’t you had hiccups before? However, some folks deal with the jerky convulsions in other parts of their body, making it hard to move. Just like any other movement symptom related to the nervous system, myoclonus is oft Read More

Using Medical Marijuana to Reduce Myoclonic Twitches


Myoclonic twitches can seriously get in the way of everyday living. They make it hard to complete daily tasks and can make you feel self-conscious. So, many patients want to know all their treatment options for reducing the intensity and frequency of their myoclonus. Some patients t Read More

Medical Marijuana For Myoclonus


While not a disease on its own, myoclonus is a symptom that can cause limitations on normal activities. The sudden, involuntary muscle jerking is often minor but can become severe. Prescription medications can help control the jerking in many patients, but some prefer a more natural a Read More

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