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Lymphoma & CBD


As part of a comprehensive treatment plan, CBD can help patients relieve lymphoma’s uncomfortable symptoms. Discover how your body uses CBD to make lymphoma easier to manage. About Lymphoma Lymphoma is a type of cancer that affects your lymph system. You may know about lymph nodes, but Read More

Medical Marijuana For Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma


Cancer is a heartbreaking disease that has been a tremendous challenge for its many sufferers. The illness doesn't discriminate by age, race, gender or socioeconomic background. It affects all people, whether you're struggling with cancer yourself or are supporting a loved one during th Read More

Medical Marijuana For Hodgkins Lymphoma


Chances are good you've already heard about medical marijuana and its powerful effect on many symptoms of various conditions. Cannabis can help with pain, promote weight gain, curb nausea and vomiting, assist with sleep, offer motivation and energy, boost your mood and rekindle social Read More

Medical Marijuana For Lymphoma


Like other types of cancer, lymphoma is a life-changing disorder. Not only does it come with the risks and symptoms of other cancers, but it also directly affects your immunity, making you susceptible to other diseases. Because this disease can be so debilitating, it’s understandab Read More

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