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Huntington's Disease

Huntington’s Disease & Medical Marijuana Research


Huntington's disease is a genetic disorder that causes an ongoing breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. Patients with Huntington's disease may experience both physical and cognitive complications, including uncontrollable movements or spasms, emotional issues and difficulties with process Read More

Smoking vs. Vaporizing for Huntington’s Patients


For patients with Huntington’s Disease, daily activities and even simple personal tasks become extremely difficult as the disorder progresses. The inherited condition is caused by a breakdown of nerve cells in the brain. Huntington’s is progressive and incurable, so most treatment Read More

How Medical Marijuana Treats Dystonia


Huntington’s disease is a progressive genetic condition that is ultimately fatal. The disease advances over time through three stages from initial onset. During the first stage, people begin to exhibit slight physical and cognitive symptoms. It then progresses to the point where dai Read More

How Medical Marijuana Acts as a Mood Stabilizer for Patients with Huntington’s


For families devastated by Huntington’s disease, the search for effective treatments for this debilitating condition is their primary concern. After the initial onset of this incurable disorder, nerve cells quickly become damaged, causing irreparable deterioration in the brain and a Read More

Medical Marijuana For Huntington’s Disease


Huntington’s disease is a progressive, fatal disease caused by a hereditary gene defect. No cure exists, and many of the medications used to relieve the symptoms cause unpleasant side effects or worsening symptoms. While cannabis for Huntington’s disease is not a cure, it may offer Read More

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