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How Cannabis Can Help Patients with Cervical Dystonia


Dystonia makes your muscles involuntarily move and contract, significantly interfering with your ability to get through the day. Cervical dystonia specifically affects your neck, causing it to painfully twist and turn. Currently, we don’t have a cure for any kind of dystonia, incl Read More

Best Strands of Cannabinoid for Focal Dystonia


When you have dystonia, your muscles contract involuntarily, making it difficult to do daily tasks. A type of dystonia called focal dystonia causes these contractions to happen in a specific area, and most often occurs in the fingers and hands. Like other muscle spasticity disorder Read More

How Do Cannabinoids Control Dystonia Symptoms


Dystonia is more than just muscle contractions. In addition to making your muscles involuntarily move, dystonia can affect your mood and sleep — not to mention, muscle spasms cause pain! Patients with dystonia often find themselves taking a cocktail of drugs to handle all the sympto Read More

How Medical Marijuana Treats Dystonia


Huntington’s disease is a progressive genetic condition that is ultimately fatal. The disease advances over time through three stages from initial onset. During the first stage, people begin to exhibit slight physical and cognitive symptoms. It then progresses to the point where dai Read More

Medical Marijuana For Dystonia


You might be aware of medical marijuana and its ability to offer symptom relief of major diseases like cancer, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis (MS). However, you might not know that medical marijuana for dystonia can help if you or a loved one has the condition. Dystonia afflicts clo Read More

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