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Vaporizing vs. Tinctures to Treat Colitis


Ulcerative colitis patients looking for a natural solution turn to medical marijuana for its anti-inflammatory properties. They may be delighted to find that they have many more medication options than just smoking products. But, the vast selection of medicinal cannabis items out there Read More

Best Cannabinoid Strains to Treat Colitis


More patients are using medical marijuana for inflammatory diseases like ulcerative colitis every day. Since many folks who use medicinal cannabis have little to no experience with marijuana, they can feel overwhelmed by all the choices to make. One such decision, strain selection, can Read More

Medical Marijuana For Collagenous Colitis


Collagenous colitis is one primary type of microscopic colitis. Lymphocytic colitis is the other. Collagenous colitis symptoms may be sporadic and can vary in severity. Some symptoms can cause so much discomfort, they affect your quality of life. This is where medical marijuana and colla Read More

Medical Marijuana For Colitis


According to Florida Hospital, nearly one in every 1,000 Americans suffers from colitis, a condition affecting the rectum and colon and causing a wide range of unpleasant symptoms and side effects. While day-to-day life during a flare-up can prove challenging, there are ways to help you Read More

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