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Medical Marijuana for Autism: The Latest Evidence


One in 40 US children has autism spectrum disorder (ASD), the latest research shows—up from the Center for Disease Control’s estimate of one in 59 published just a few months ago. There’s mounting evidence that medical cannabis could be helpful to ASD patients and their families. Read More

Autism & Medical Marijuana Research


When you have autism, your brain processes information differently, changing the way you think, behave and interact with others. It can also make it difficult to communicate with other people and cause you to become overly competitive. These factors add difficulty to your daily functioning Read More

Autism and CBD


Autism affects adults and children of any intellectual level. The autism spectrum encompasses four different diagnoses the American Psychiatric Association grouped together in 2013. In addition to autistic disorder and Asperger syndrome, autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) can refer to childh Read More

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia’s Study on Medical Marijuana and Autism


There’s a fair amount of research on medical marijuana’s ability to treat conditions like pain and seizures, but what about autism? Researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) want to find out how medical marijuana can treat autism symptoms. CHOP is working with Read More

Medical Marijuana For Autism / Aspergers


Medical marijuana can help with disorders like autism or Asperger’s. Since these conditions can cause difficulties with social skills, nonverbal communication and repetitive behaviors, they can impact your quality of life. Cannabis can treat common symptoms of autism like anxiety and Read More

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