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Alzheimer’s Disease and CBD


Alzheimer’s disease is a form of dementia that causes memory and thought process issues that worsen over time. Alzheimer's frequently manifests as a memory loss issue that can interfere with the patient’s cognitive function and ability to perform daily tasks. What Are the Symptoms of Read More

Using Medical Marijuana to Relieve Alzheimer’s Related Anxiety


Alzheimer’s is a scary disease. When your brain cells die off, your brain functions begin to regress, causing personality changes and memory issues. Even if you don’t have late-stage Alzheimer’s, just the idea of having the disease can cause distress. But, you have options. In Read More

How Medical Marijuana Improves Alzheimer’s Patients’ Moods


Alzheimer’s disease affects the cells and connections in the brain, changing the way they work. When connections get blocked and cells die, the brain can’t function as well. One of the ways that brain changes caused by Alzheimer’s disease impact patients is by creating mood ch Read More

How Medical Marijuana Affects Amyloid Beta


Alzheimer’s disease wreaks havoc on your mental functions, making it gradually more difficult to live your life. It takes away dignity from many patients and puts stress on their loved ones. So, a lot of folks with Alzheimer’s try whatever safe treatment they can to counteract this Read More

How Cannabis Helps Relax Alzheimer’s Patients


If you or someone you care about has Alzheimer’s disease, you may have heard of something called a “violent stage.” This is when patients lash out or get angry or upset for no apparent reason. Although this doesn’t happen to every patient, it can occur during the later stages Read More

Best Cannabis Oils for Alzheimer’s Patients


Alzheimer’s disease touches the lives of numerous American families. Since we currently don’t have a cure for it, some families seek alternative approaches to their loved one’s medical care. While we still need more research to understand how marijuana affects the root causes of Read More

Medical Marijuana For Alzheimer’s Disease


More people today are turning to alternative treatments and healing methods for chronic and degenerative diseases. There are several reasons for this shift toward natural remedies. Many patients haven’t gotten the results they’ve wanted from conventional medicine or have experienced Read More

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