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Anti-Anxiety Medication vs. Medical Marijuana to Treat Agoraphobia


Characterized by an excessive fear of foreign or unknown situations and places, agoraphobia is a type of anxiety disorder that causes a heightened sense of fear in patients. When a patient perceives an open space with fear, they may begin to feel trapped or experience unwarranted doom that Read More

Vaporizing vs. Smoking to Treat Agoraphobia Symptoms


When a patient has agoraphobia, it’s essential that they seek treatment. Most healthcare professionals will recommend intensive therapy, as well as medications to reduce the patient’s fear and stress. However, medical marijuana has proven to be an effective treatment for some patients Read More

Best Strains of Medical Marijuana to Boost Agoraphobia Patients’ Moods


For patients struggling with the effects of the anxiety disorder agoraphobia, treatment is key to help them live more normal lives. This disorder is characterized by an overwhelming fear of places or situations outside the patient’s control. Many agoraphobics try not to leave their home, Read More

Can Medical Marijuana Treat Agoraphobia-Related Hysteria?


The characteristics of agoraphobia differ from person to person, but this anxiety disorder is characterized by a fear of places that are perceived as unsafe or outside a person’s control. Although no one knows what causes agoraphobia exactly, it’s believed that reoccurring panic attack Read More

Using Medicinal Cannabis to Treat Agoraphobia-Related Anxiety


Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder that causes a fear of places outside a person’s control. This leads many patients with this condition to avoid going out into the world. No one knows what causes agoraphobia exactly, but it’s thought that if someone has suffered from a series of panic Read More

Medical Marijuana For Agoraphobia


Whether you've been struggling with agoraphobia and its related anxiety and panic attacks for years, or you've recently received a diagnosis, you know the symptoms can make leaving your home difficult. While prescription medications are often one of the methods doctors use to treat agora Read More

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