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Medical Marijuana

Only One Week Left For NH Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applications


NH Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Prospective medical marijuana dispensary owners in New Hampshire, have mere hours left in which to submit their hopeful applications to the state for review.  New Hampshire passed a law in 2013 that would provide the state with up to 4 dispensaries will be licensed to provide marijuana for the medical treatment of serious and debilitating illnesses. It also required that the state be... Read more

7 Myths About Medical Cannabis Everyone Should Know


cannabis myths

Although almost half of the states across the US now legally allow for medical marijuana, there are still a lot of questions and confusion surrounding the notion that marijuana is indeed a medicine. There are a lot of urban myths about marijuana, some entirely subjective, some still being studied, and some that are altogether just wrong. As the medical marijuana movement continues to grow itself... Read more

What are CBD rich strains good for?


CBD Strains

Cannabis provides a plethora of benefits to the body. Some compounds within the plant will not get you high but still hold great medical value to the user. In fact, some medical patients seek out CBD rich strains for their specific medical conditions. What are CBDs anyway? CBD or Cannabidiol is one of the active compounds found in the cannabis plant. The difference between CBD and THC is that... Read more

Why Recreational Cannabis will not Ruin Medical Marijuana


medical marijuana and recreational cannabis

I have heard many medical marijuana patients and dispensaries talk about their “fear of recreational marijuana’. Understandably, a medical marijuana patient who depends on cannabis in order to stay healthy should be concerned if his or her “source of medicine” is in jeopardy. I’m here to let you know, your medicine is fine, in fact, recreational cannabis will make it... Read more

Should Marijuana Be Reclassified To Show Medicinal Benefits


rescheduling of marijuana

Although politics has left pot imprisoned with the shackles of prohibition, cannabis has been used medicinally for thousands of years in areas all over the world. And despite the criminalization of marijuana leaving it to fall from medical favor for a time, its overtly apparent as each new state passes medical marijuana laws that those views, are as antiquated and out of date as the ideals of... Read more

New York State Is Already Hiring for Jobs In The Medical Marijuana Industry


jobs are opening for residents of new york in the marijuana industry

Now that the ceremonial bill for New York’s medical marijuana program has been signed, the real process of developing and implementing the actual program really begins. And New York is wasting no time in looking for highly qualified professionals to fill the required positions. Recently a job was posted online looking for Research Scientists to test and study analytical chemistry, while... Read more

Obama Takes First Step To Rescheduling Cannabis


vanita gupta

It was recently announced that Obama intends to nominate Vanita Gupta, currently director of the ACLU's Center for Justice, to lead the civil rights division of the Justice Department. MarijuanaDoctors.Com is pleased with this information, because Vanita Gupta’s interest in disparities reflects concern over racial disparities in the war on drugs. Gupta has been quoted saying, “"We've... Read more

Problems Doctors Face When Prescribing Medical Cannabis


Problems Doctors Face When Prescribing Medical Marijuana

This is a response to the recent article, “3 Problems Doctors Face When Prescribing Medical Marijuana”, posted on is requesting that the article be retracted due to misreporting and inaccuracies, because provides effective solutions which solve all the issues that the article claim to be a problem.Ziva D. Cooper, PhD,... Read more

National Football League Alters Substance Abuse Policy


nfl drug testing policy marijuana

With the nations favorite sports league coming under immense scrutiny due to its players off the field actions, the National Football League has decided to re-examine, and re-vamp its player conduct policy, specifically its substance abuse policy. Part of what sparked the historic change in policy was the league’s seemingly disproportionate punishments for those players caught using drugs... Read more

Prices of Medical Marijuana in Illinois Expected to Rise Sharply


medical marijuana chicago

Chicago, Illinois – When the state of Illinois opens up its first dispensaries later this year, future patient Jim Champion plans to have his wife document the historic event for him to hold onto forever. “It’ll be like going to the candy store for his birthday,” Champion’s wife, Sandy said when expressing her husband’s relief after a long battle fighting for... Read more