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Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana Emerging As New York's Primary Issue Heading Into Close of 2014


Emerging as one of the Empire State's most prominent political issues, medical marijuana is a matter that Governor Andrew M. Cuomo – as well as lawmakers in Albany – will be forced to face in the second half of 2014's legislative session. Across the state an uprising of proponents have begun stepping up their efforts to make New York the 21st state to legalize marijuana for medicinal... Read more

Medical Marijuana In Maryland: MD Lawmakers Approve Expansion of Maryland's Medical Marijuana Program


Largely considered a political flop, Maryland's medical marijuana program has drawn criticism from around the country since its initial passage. While the same could easily be said about New York's extremely limited medical marijuana program, Maryland lawmakers finally took a step in the right direction when they came to a tentative compromise on how to invent a medical marijuana industry... Read more

Breaking News! Connecticut Announces The First Six Medical Marijuana Dispensaries


An event that was met with great anticipation, Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Commissioner William M. Rubenstein announced just yesterday the names and locations of the Constitution State's first six medical marijuana dispensaries. Rubenstein’s announcement is considered another substantial milestone in the implementation of Connecticut General Statutes Chapter 420f, or a... Read more

Have You Met America's Newest Celebrity? Compassionate Cannabidiol Sweeping Across The Nation


The development of non-psychoactive oil directly procured from marijuana plants was a game-changing innovation conceived in none other than the state of Colorado. Utilized as a cutting-edge alternative treatment, cannabidiol (CBD) oil has treated a large amount of children that were diagnosed with severe seizure disorders such as Dravet Syndrome or epilepsy. "It’s safe to say the... Read more & Our Dedicated Mission To Become New-Age Pioneers Within This Industry

03-19-2014 has become recognized on a national level as one of the industry's most compassionate and patient-centered services to date. We understand that the medical marijuana industry has become one of the most unique markets ever created, but at the same time it has also become one of the most controversial. While always striving to provide this industry – a diamond in the... Read more

A Possible Financial Solution for Dispensary Owners in Colorado


Dispensaries in Colorado have, since the first of the year, been raking in millions of dollars in recreational marijuana sales. The Centennial State has more than exceeded its expectations making over 1 million in sales on the very first day. And though both Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. have made it explicitly clear that the use of debit and credit cards for any marijuana purchases is strictly... Read more

Colorodan Compassion Stretching Across the Nation


At the Compassionate Care Act hearing for medical marijuana in New York State last month, Assemblyman Steve Katz offered words of comfort to the many individuals who bravely opened their hearts during their testimonials. Many tears were shed, and Katz shared with several caregivers and patients alike that he and Senator Gottfried were great champions for the cause. Among those who spoke, Joel... Read more

MMJ Patients in Colorado Banned from Bringing their Medicine on Board.


When I attended the New York hearing for the Compassionate Care Act in Mineola just several weeks ago, mother and dedicated medical marijuana activist Paige Figi announced that her daughter Charlotte had finally, for the first time in years - been well enough to come to the hearing all the way from Colorado, thanks to her cannabidiol treatment provided by the Realm of Caring foundation. She would... Read more

Recreational Marijuana Sales Generate $1 Million in Revenue on First Day


On the first of the year, Colorado made history by becoming the first state in the world to legalize sales of recreational marijuana to adults over the age of 21. New Year’s Day, Colorado dispensaries estimated a staggering one million dollars in revenue. Cannabis enthusiasts traveled from Iowa, Michigan and other surrounding states to become a part of the historic event. Smokers were in... Read more

2013, A Year of Advances for Medical Marijuana


2013 was a breakthrough year for the medical marijuana industry. Nationwide, medical advances were made bringing the world of marijuana to the forefront of mainstream medicine. Several states legalized medical marijuana, and two states, Colorado and Washington, for the first time in US history, legalized marijuana for recreational use. Vast amounts of research was conducted through clinical... Read more