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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 08/28/2018 in Consumption

marijuana vape pens

The cannabis industry is booming like never before. A few states have approved the plant for recreational use, and more than half of them have legalized medical marijuana. When you visit a local dispensary, you will see a plethora of ingestion options. Although smoking pot remains one of the most common means for dosing, vaporization is quickly gaining popularity. It allows users a little more accuracy in dosing, and it doesn’t have harmful smoke byproducts that cause lung and throat irritation.

Unfortunately, most vaporizers are not easy to transport, as they are big and require an electrical outlet. But thankfully, there is a more portable option — marijuana vape pens.

These small devices are especially beneficial for medical marijuana patients. Vape pens allow you to subtly medicate while you’re away from home, ensuring you don’t encounter debilitating symptoms without your cannabis medication handy. Before deciding if they’re right for you, here is some information on how you can utilize vape pens as a medical marijuana treatment.

What Are Vape Pens?

Vape pens are basically hand-held vaporizers. This high-tech ingestion method looks and operates much like an e-cigarette. They are generally small enough to fit inside your pocket or small purse, which allows them to be both portable and discreet.

When you want to medicate with a vape pen, you insert your cannabis into the device and turn it on. Vape pens are battery operated, which allows a small heating component to heat your marijuana to its optimal temperature — usually between 350 or 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

At this lower temperature, marijuana doesn’t reach its combustion point. However, it does release a clean vapor full of the beneficial properties of the plant, including its cannabinoids and terpenes. Vape pens produce a smooth, enjoyable flavor that many users have grown to love.

Types of Vape Pens Available

There are a variety of vape pens available, each providing users with distinct advantages. In general, all vape pens operate on a similar basis — the only difference is what form of cannabis you use to vaporize with. The main types of vape pens are:

  • Dried Herb Pen: These are considered to be the least expensive and simplest vape pen option. It’s a pocket-sized version of traditional vaporizers that you can load with dried cannabis buds.
  • Concentrate Pen: These are designed to be packed with extracts and concentrates like hash, wax and shatter. Many say it provides a purer, more concentrated vapor.
  • Vape Pens for Pre-Filled Vape Cartridges: These pens utilize vape cartridges which come pre-loaded with cannabis oils, also called vape juice. Many medical patients prefer this type because they provide a designated dosage and accurate THC and CBD ratios.
  • Combo Vape Pen: These vape pens are suitable for those who enjoy aspects of both cannabis buds and concentrates. Using this device, you can switch between flowers and extracts, allowing for a more versatile vaping experience.

Using Marijuana Vape Pens Medicinally

Vape pens offer medical marijuana patients some distinct advantages over other cannabis ingestion methods. Like smoking, vaping allows patients to experience quick relief from their debilitating symptoms. However, because the plant never reaches its burning point, users don’t have to worry about inhaling harmful irritants.

Some patients cannot smoke medical marijuana because of their medical condition. Vape pens offer a more suitable alternative that won’t aggravate their symptoms.

As a portable ingestion method, marijuana vape pens are also growing in popularity because they allow patients to receive treatments more discreetly on the go. Vapor is less obvious than smoke and has a much more subtle odor. It’s also easily transportable if you find yourself having to take a trip. There are also vape cases available that will protect your portable vaporizer and keep it out of sight.

Benefits of Vape Pens

If you’re a medical marijuana patient, then you may want to make vape pens a go-to method that you keep handy, as they offer many different benefits. Plus, if you have access to a medical marijuana dispensary, you can easily purchase one to use in tandem with your medical marijuana treatments.

Vaporization, in general, has many advantages that people love, including:

  • Immediate, effective relief whenever you need it
  • A high level of potency to achieve optimal effectiveness
  • You only need a small amount of cannabis, which goes a long way
  • You can control how much you ingest
  • A less harmful alternative to smoking
  • Vapor is virtually free of carcinogens and toxins, making it easier on the lungs
  • Doesn’t create secondhand smoke

Vape pens, specifically, offer their own distinct benefits that allow for greater flexibility bulky home vaporizers can’t provide. They are discreet, easy to use and portable. Because they look like pens, they will enable you to experience a higher level of privacy as you medicate. Plus, they are almost entirely odorless — only emitting a small wisp of vapor.

medicate privacy

Vape pens are also extremely easy to charge — just plug them into an outlet or computer. They’ll typically hold a charge for a week or more, depending on the frequency of use.

Learn More About Marijuana Vape Pens From a Qualified Professional

The demand for cannabis vape pens is growing among medical marijuana patients. As they experience the freedom and advantages these portable devices afford, patients are coming to rely on them.

If you think vape pens would be an effective treatment method for you, then it’s best to seek the advice of a qualified professional. You can meet with a marijuana doctor to discuss dosages and to ask for specific strain recommendations. Or, if you’re not yet a medical marijuana patient in your state, the physician can also assess you to see if you qualify.

For current medical marijuana patients or residents of states where the recreational use of cannabis is legal, visit a local dispensary for more info about vape pens. The friendly budtenders at these facilities are well-versed in the latest cannabis products, including these devices and similar items.

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