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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 07/18/2017 in Consumption

Marijuana Infused Coffee

Cannabis and coffee might be the ultimate “wake and bake” combination, but for some it can be hard to picture combining a substance that wakes you up with one that lulls you to sleep. You might expect them to cancel each other out, and in a way, they do.

Coffee drinkers consider the beverage necessary for life. It starts them up each day, and whether they drink one cup or four, they’re not the same without it. Coffee contains the stimulant caffeine which is responsible for all the bright-eyed post-coffee ideas that fill your morning.

As a beverage, coffee can also be a simple delivery system for marijuana therapy. The strong odor of coffee can mask any unpleasant flavors in the cannabis. The stimulant effect makes your blood circulate faster which can speed and amplify the effects of the marijuana.

For people who prefer not to smoke, cannabis coffee can be an easy way to consume marijuana therapy. Marijuana-infused coffee is portable and does not take much time to drink. Plus, drinking marijuana

-infused coffee does not affect others the way second-hand smoke does, so you can drink it wherever you are when you need the medicinal benefits.

Uses and Benefits of Marijuana Coffee

THC, the main psychoactive component in marijuana, and caffeine are very similar. Caffeine and THC are both psychoactive drugs that get into the bloodstream and affect the central nervous system. THC is considered a hallucinogenic while caffeine is a stimulant. Both work in different parts of the brain to change perceptions.

Caffeine gives you an increased feeling of energy and improves your mood. It also increases coordination and focus. Too much caffeine can result in insomnia and anxiety.

THC reduces anxiety and improves mood by creating a feeling of euphoria. When THC is mixed with caffeine, it counteracts the anxiety and nervous jitters, allowing more caffeine to be tolerated for improving mood and increasing focus. Caffeine intensifies the effects of the THC to reach the euphoric feeling with a lower dose.

Cannabis coffee can be used to treat any approved condition. There’s an erroneous myth that coffee kills a marijuana high. This would imply that drinking coffee with your marijuana treatment can negate the positive effects, but it’s not true — the caffeine in coffee enhances the effects of medical marijuana.

marijuana caffeine

Here are some other benefits to marijuana-infused coffee:

  • Smoke-free: Some people do not like to smoke, and others have respiratory issues that make smoking a less effective way to administer cannabis therapy. Smoking is prohibited in most public places, including outdoor spaces and private vehicles in some states. Coffee consumption will likely always remain unrestricted.
  • Stimulating: Medical marijuana can have a calming effect that lulls some patients to sleep. When sleep is not what you’re looking for, cannabis coffee can help. Drinking coffee infused with medical marijuana allows you to benefit from the calming effects of THC without falling asleep — it’s a good combination to use when your therapy requires morning dosing. You can start your day with energy despite the marijuana.
  • Hot and soothing: Many people start their day with a hot beverage to gently coax their body out of slumber. Cannabis coffee can be consumed hot to take advantage of that soothing effect. It’s much gentler to your system than smoking marijuana first thing in the morning.
  • Socially acceptable: Drinking coffee is not questioned in our society. Everyone does it. You might actually be questioned if you don’t drink coffee — it’s that ingrained in modern society and the Starbuck’s generation. Cannabis coffee allows you to continue with a ritual you’re already familiar and get your marijuana therapy at the same time.

How to Make Marijuana Coffee

Some coffee manufacturers use different methods to infuse coffee beans with marijuana before you brew them. It’s even possible to buy K-cups of cannabis coffee for your coffee maker. However, buying the coffee already infused with cannabis doesn’t give you as much control over the strain or dose of marijuana as making it yourself.

There are several ways to go about this by simply adding cannabis concentrates to your cup of coffee. Concentrates like oils and tinctures are available at most dispensaries and can be made from your favorite strains of cannabis plant. The dosing for these products is fairly accurate and consistent, so you can control the strength of your cannabis coffee.

One way of reducing the acidity of your marijuana-infused coffee is to start with a cold brew concentrate. To make it, follow these steps:

  1. In a non-metallic container, combine 2 cups of coarsely ground coffee with 4 cups of water.
  2. Set the mixture aside for 12 to 24 hours.
  3. Pour the mixture through a coffee filter and refrigerate for future use.
  4. When you’re ready to make your coffee, pour a cup of boiling water. You may want to use a large cup, so there’s room to stir without spilling.
  5. To your boiled water, add 2 tablespoons of the cold brew concentrate and the appropriate dose of cannabis oil, butter or another concentrate. Add cream and sugar to taste.

If you plan ahead, this is an easy way to make coffee without a coffeemaker. The cold brew concentrate is made with room temperature water and filtered manually. To turn that into cannabis coffee, you only have to boil water, add your ingredients and stir.

You might want to experiment with different cannabis products to see which one you like best in the coffee. If you prefer iced coffee, you can use a tincture that does not rely on heat to dissolve. For iced coffee, follow the same steps but start with cold water instead of boiling and add ice cubes at the end.

Store-Bought Marijuana Coffee

In most states, you don’t have to rely on home brew to get your cannabis coffee in the morning, or any time of day. There are several ready-to-drink products on the market you can buy from your local dispensary — just remember you won’t be able to control the exact dosage yourself, but it should be clearly labeled with its THC percentage on the package. Cannabis coffee is also available in pods to use in your coffeemaker, if want that home brew without all the measuring and mixing.

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