Green Care Medical Wellness Affiliate Program for Doctors

Lori Ann Reese

Posted by Lori Ann Reese on 09/02/2021 in Sponsored Content

Green Care Medical Wellness Affiliate Program

The following is sponsored content provided by Green Care Medical. 

Have your patients asked questions about cannabidiol (CBD)? With the growing prevalence of CBD and ongoing cooperation between the FDA and FTC to eradicate irresponsible CBD brands, consumers are more confused than ever.

Patients with chronic health conditions are looking for holistic, safe, economical ways to moderate symptoms. Many patients have a family member or friend who has experienced wellness benefits from supplementing with clinical-grade CBD.  However, many who try non-clinical-grade CBD find no significant benefit.

The expanding CBD market and the number of misleading claims by many CBD brands have likely led to a barrage of patient questions. The challenge starts with educating your patients about which product to use, how much to use per dose, whether CBD is effective, how to identify clinical-grade CBD, which symptoms therapeutic doses of CBD could help moderate, and how to ensure they are getting safe, potent, high-quality CBD.

With hundreds of CBD products on the market, identify the one you are comfortable suggesting to your patients.

About Green Care Medical

In 2017, Dr. George Gavrilos and Dr. Steven Salzman founded Green Care Medical, Illinois’s first integrative medical-cannabis practice. It has since expanded across more than 20 states, helping thousands of patients on their path to renewed health.

Green Care Medical’s experience in cannabinoid medicine enabled it to identify a common patient need for high-dosage CBD formulations, which produce a unique therapeutic benefit. However, the high price and low quality of CBD at dispensaries proved to be a barrier to effectively treating many of its patients. Further, patients tend to have trouble choosing effective CBD at retail outlets or online. Patients shared their skepticism about CBD when they were not achieving their expected results.

To address this concern, Drs. Gavrilos and Salzman, utilizing their clinical experience and patient feedback, partnered with Green Rock Hemp Holdings, one of the largest hemp farms and production facilities in the U.S., to create GCM CBD, a line of hemp-derived, clinical-grade, full-spectrum CBD products that do not produce the intoxicating effects of medical marijuana.

Quality Assurance

Green Care Medical produces hemp-derived CBD grown and manufactured in Utah by an expert team utilizing industry-leading genetic, extraction, distillation, and isolation processes to maximize quality, consistency, and efficiency.

The Green Care Medical production facility is ISO 9001:2015 certified, a stringent, internationally recognized standard that ensures products and services meet both regulatory requirements and high internal standards through effective quality management.

Green Care Medical CBD Affiliate Program

Why Choose Green Care Medical Cannabidiol?

After a successful product launch this year and overwhelmingly positive patient feedback, Green Care Medical has introduced its Wellness Affiliate Program to provide your clinic’s patients with natural, high-quality, safe, and effective CBD products in the office or online.

Green Care Medical has created a new quality benchmark in the United States. It gives practitioners trusted products to recommend to patients.  Green Care Medical CBD:

  • Is physician-formulated, pharmacist-recommended, and clinically evaluated for everyday use.
  • Adheres to stringent testing standards for pollutants, stability, and safety.
  •  Is twice tested by independent laboratories for batch-to-batch safety and consistency.

Signing up for the Wellness Affiliate Program is free and simple. Your clinic receives revenue for each product purchased by anyone using your unique referral code or link.  At GCM, we created the program to answer the question posed to its physicians every day for the past four years: “Which CBD products would you recommend?”

Rest assured, you can be confident in recommending Green Care Medical CBD.

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