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Posted by Marijuana Doctors on 05/01/2015 in Economics

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Recently we posted a picture of a group of retirees trimming some premium marijuana buds and found one common question by our users, “Where do you find marijuana related jobs”?

This question is becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that cannabis is being legalized all over the place and as everyone knows, where there are cannabis businesses…there are cannabis jobs.

To help you find the answers you are looking for, I have compiled a list of a few websites that will direct you to the right cannabis related job for you.

Align your Skills

While many might think you have to be a master grower to make it in the cannabis industry, you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are plenty of cannabis related jobs that doesn’t entirely deal with cannabis itself. From lawyers to marketers, chemists, biologists, designers and much more…there is plenty of available opportunities if you know how to market yourself correctly.

Even for those who don’t grow cannabis but have specialized skills in nurseries, your skills are sufficient to get hired by a grow facility or dispensary.

Nonetheless, it is important to assess your current skills and find a way to align it with the cannabis industry. Remember to look at the cannabis industry as a whole, maybe your amazing accounting skills could help balance the books of new cannabis businesses. The idea is to make a job for you.

Become involved with cannabis legalization

A big factor in this industry is trust. Since technically cannabis is still a federal crime, business owners are highly skeptical of people seeing that in many cases they could be undercover cops. Thus, get involved in cannabis advocacy, as this will help you establish credibility that you aren’t there to destroy the operation.

Within advocacy groups are business leaders and by making your presence known, you have the ability to network with these business people. Networking is a staple strategy to find a job in any niche, cannabis is no different.

Do online searches!

People are requesting workers all year long and especially during harvest season. The Internet is one of your most powerful tools to track down these opportunities however as mentioned, you need to build up your credentials in order to beat the competition.

Here’s a list of a few weed job related websites for you to start your search on:

  1. 420 Careers – You can browse jobs by location, category, type and even salary.
  2. Indeed – Looks like a Google Search but only finds cannabis job opportunities. Also includes filters similar to 420 Careers.
  3. CannaJobs – Very basic site but provides industry related job listings.
  4. Ganjapreneur – A place where you can post and apply for job listings.

There are more sites and don’t forget to scour Craigslist and similar pages since many grow operations post their job listings on these sites as well.

I hope this gives you some indication on where to start to track down your own marijuana related jobs.

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